Call Data Now Showing in GMB’s Call History Feature

Select Users Are Now Reporting New Data in Google My Business

GMB call data

Back in October, it was announced that Google was going to be testing the ability to see data on calls made from your GMB profile.

Select users were chosen to access this new feature while it was in Beta, and as of May 11 it seems to be rolling out slowly for more users with more details.

What We Know

  • This feature is still “experimental” and may not be available for your business yet
  • If you are granted access, you will see messaging in your GMB dashboard on call history, as well as a call tab on the left-hand menu
  • When activated, you will be able to see answered calls, missed calls, and the name and number of the caller
  • The calls will be kept for 45 days in your account
  • If you enable this feature, much like with other call tracking software, the customer will see a phone number assigned by Google that will forward to your business number in order to collect data
  • If enabled, you also will not be able to turn off an automated message you receive when a customer calls you
  • This feature will only apply to calls, not texts

Here is an example of what you would see in your dashboard with the call history and data feature, thanks to John Smith on Twitter:


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