Google Pushes Back Page Experience Update to Mid-June

And Released a New Report in Search Console

Google page experience updateOn April 19, Google announced that the upcoming May core update on page experience will now be released in mid-June, and have a gradual rollout until August.

This gives webmasters even more time to work on their site and make improvements in order to get some positive impact upon rollout when it comes to search results.

Additional Details from Google

In their post, Google explained:

“…You can think of it as if you’re adding a flavoring to a food you’re preparing. Rather than add the flavor all at once into the mix, we’ll be slowly adding it all over this time period.

As we have said before, while this update is designed to highlight pages that offer great user experiences, page experience remains one of many factors our systems take into account. Given this, sites generally should not expect drastic changes. In addition, because we’re doing this as a gradual rollout, we will be able to monitor for any unexpected or unintended issues.

We hope that this adjusted roll-out schedule will help you continue to make refinements to your website with page experience in mind. Ahead of this change, we’ve been gathering feedback to ensure that we’re providing helpful guidance and answering questions that site owners may have about how to improve page experience for their users.”

New Page Experience Report in Search Console

To help site owners get more “actionable insights” relative to the data on their site, Google released a report which coincided with the announcement of the core update’s delay.

This new report combines the existing Core Web Vitals report with other components that are factored into page experience like:

  • HTTPS security
  • Absence of intrusive interstitials
  • Safe browsing
  • Mobile friendliness

Google even gave us an example of what the report will look like:


What Else Will Be Updated

Google also included more details on other aspects of search that will be updated with the mid-June release:

  • Top Stories – The carousel feature on Google Search will be updated to include all news content, as long as it meets Google’s policies. This means that AMP will no longer be required and that any page, depending on its Core Web Vitals and page experience, can be eligible to show in the Top Stories carousel.
  • Google News App – Google’s News app serves as a destination for users everywhere to get a variety of important news. With the page experience update, they are expanding non-AMP content to help power the core experience on and mobile apps.
  • AMP Badge – Google will also no longer show the AMP badge icon in search to indicate AMP content. This change will happen at the same time as the page experience update begins to roll out in mid-June.

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