Top B2B SEO Tips for 2023

B2B SEO tips 2021If you are a business-to-business company, it can be hard to find new ideas for your SEO strategy when you feel like you have tried everything! Check out these tips that might be able to help you look in a new direction for B2B SEO in 2023.

8 of the Best SEO Tips for B2B Companies

1. Technical Enhancements

One of the top things we see being neglected on B2B sites is technical SEO. From broken interlinks to nonexistent 301 redirects to slow site speeds, there are usually many opportunities to make technical enhancements to your site that can give your rankings a little kick.

2. Matching User Intent

Are your landing pages matching what your customers are searching for? For example, if you offer CNC machining, does your landing page for that service supply information that search engines would deem valuable if someone searched for “CNC machining services,” or does your page not give details on the service and what it entails?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and do some research for the terms you want to rank for. You can then see why your competition may rank higher than you and how they might better match user search intent. With this information at your disposal, you’ll find ways you can improve.

3. Industry Links

While you likely have acquired links from various directories related to your specific niche, have you looked into getting links from the types of businesses you serve? Quite often, directories for other business types will also list companies they can utilize for a variety of outside services. So try thinking outside the box when it comes to link building to see what is out there!

4. Search Engine Updates

Did you know that Google often updates its algorithm and launches various changes to its search engine? It’s important for your SEO strategy that you’re aware of these updates, especially if you see shifts in your rankings. Following top pros on social media or subscribing to email newsletters can help you stay in the know.

5. Answer Customer Questions

A similar approach to matching user intent is publishing content that helps your customers with aspects related to your business. You can use sites such as Answer the Public or Google Trends to see what types of questions people are searching for that you can help answer. Then, when you publish the new content on your blog, you can also utilize it in social media, emails, and link building.

6. Check Conversion Optimization

To help your SEO efforts be as successful as possible, you need to have good ways for potential customers to get in contact with you. One of the main ways to do this is through checking your conversion rate and optimizing your pages to help increase their rate by adding forms, CTAs, or even chatbots such as LiveChat.

7. Consider Your Coverage

Are you mostly a local business but you also get some national sales, or vice versa? If so, are you tracking your keywords in both your local area and nationally? Seeing where you rank on both a local and national level can help you see if there are opportunities to expand on your current site’s pages by adding in some geographical modifiers (ex: CNC Machining in Detroit), or if you should write new content to go broad.

8. Try Titles and Descriptions

When was the last time you spruced up the metadata and header titles on your site? Sometimes, the smallest keyword tweak or character count improvement could be the boost your landing page needs to get some movement in keyword positions! Try testing some longer titles and descriptions to see if it helps.

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