“About This Result” Now in Beta in the U.S.

Google Launched a New Feature on SERPs to Help Verify Sources

Recently, it was announced via Twitter that a new feature – currently in beta in just the U.S. for desktop, tablet, and mobile – will show an icon that when clicked will provide a little more information about a source:

Google about this result

You will be able to learn if a site is secure, find out when the site was first indexed, or even get a snippet of information from Wikipedia:

Google preview

Mixed Industry Reaction

Lily Ray, a well-known and respected SEO in the industry, was one of the first to comment on Google’s reliance on Wikipedia for information:

While Wikipedia has been the source that many of us were taught in school to not trust for its legitimacy, it is also nevertheless widely used, as well as very hard for smaller companies to get on the site.

One user even went on to call the lone use of Wikipedia gatekeeping, to which Danny Sullivan, the search liaison at Google, responded:

Given that this new feature is just in beta, hopefully we will see more sources being added over time to level the playing field.

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