Lead Gen Forms Now Available for Google Search Ads

lead gen forms Google AdsThere is finally a way for users to fill out a form requesting more information from ads without sending them to a landing page, and on February 10 Google announced that lead form extensions will be available for search ads.

Here Is What We Know

This Isn’t the First Time It’s Been Announced

According to Search Engine Roundtable, lead generation forms have been tested various times, including back in 2019 and even in 2011.

Here is what the feature looked like in 2019 in beta:

lead forms

(Source: seroundtable.com)

Seeing Your Leads Will Be Hard

As one user stated on Twitter, the inquiries you receive from the form go into “a spreadsheet you have to check online,” and to have it sent to you directly requires complicated API integration. You can learn more about how you would need to set that up in this Google support article.

People Are Still Upset About Missing Search Terms

A while back, Google Ads released news that they will no longer show every query in your search terms report, meaning you are missing out on key information that leads to clicks and costs. So while Google announced these new lead gen forms, the response on Twitter was still largely focused on lingering feelings about the earlier change.

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