Google My Business Info Keeps Changing? Check Your Sources

trace GMB changesWhen you manage a GMB listing, either for yourself or a client, you may at some point run into a time where strange edits come through to your listing.

While this is very frustrating, there thankfully are a few places you can check before reaching out for further support from Google My Business.

4 Things You Need to Check

General Google Updates

Sometimes, Google themselves will release an update or change a feature that can alter the information in your listing. This could include removing a business category, for example.

The best way to keep track of releases and changes is by following their Twitter account.

Third-Party Sources

If you have ever used services such as Yext, BrightLocal, or anything similar, you have likely had to link your GMB listings to the software to use its services.

By doing so, you have allowed them access to your account by granting permission for them to make edits and updates to your listing. This is one of the top reasons that edits revert in the GMB panel.

You can check your permissions connected to your GMB account by visiting their permissions section.

Public Edits

If you are in the local SEO realm, you are most likely aware of spam fighting. However, while it is great that we have the ability to make edits and updates to other public listings, it also means that we are vulnerable to malicious attacks to our listings.

There are, however, some ways to see if someone has suggested edits to your listings, per Sterling Sky:

  1. Viewing your dashboard in search:
  2. Using the local finder in search to view your own listing:

You can also get help from some expert SEOs who have connections with Google by posting in the GMB support forum.

Other Managers or Owners

If you are an agency, or work with an agency, or have worked with one in the past, you should check and see who has access to the listings to ensure that they are someone who should have these types of permissions.

You are able to view users on the listing on your GMB dashboard, and can remove others if you are the owner. If all the users on the account look correct, be sure to have an open line of communication with them to see if they are behind the changes.

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