Google Launches Question Hub Beta

Google Question HubTo give content creators a direct line for answering the public’s questions on the web, Google has launched its Question Hub in beta for the U.S.

This new tool allows webmasters to submit URLs with content that answer these questions. This in turn helps promote their content while improving Google for searchers.

Take a Look


In this example, you’ll see different topics our firm is following along the top. The topics in quotations are manually entered, while the others are official topics provided from Google.

Once you click on a question, a popup appears that allows you to submit the URL with the answer from your site:


2 Ways to Use the Question Hub

  • Submit content on your site that fits questions submitted
  • Write new content to answer questions you see in the platform

How Do Questions Get in the Question Hub?

According to Google’s FAQs:

“We collect unanswered user questions using a variety of different methods. These unanswered user questions are straight from users, so you may occasionally see misspellings or questions in which the user’s intent is unclear. We’ll continue to explore other ways to find and surface the best unanswered questions from users so we can then share them with creators.”

How to Sign Up

  1. First, make sure your site is set up in Search Console
  2. Then, go to the Question Hub sign-up page
  3. Enter your email (you may need to use a generic Gmail – if so, make sure that address has access to your Search Console)
  4. Finish setting up your profile by following some question topics

Will You Be Able to Track Performance?

Yes. If you reference the screenshot earlier in the article, you will see “Performance” on the left-hand menu, which will allow you to see how your content has helped your audience and other tracking capabilities.

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