The Best Chrome Extensions for SEOs

SEO chrome extensionsDo you want to be more efficient with your SEO efforts? If the answer is yes, we’ve compiled a list of the best chrome extensions to incorporate into your work. To ensure the highest productivity, this list contains the most important ones to get you started!

1. SEOInfo

SEOInfo is particularly helpful for on-site SEO efforts. It looks at the issues on your page, tells you how many you have, and investigates the causes. SEOInfo checks your metatags, indexability, open graph tags, structured data, page speed and more.

To improve your on-site SEO, be sure to check out this extension!

2. SEOStack Keyword Tool

To find and research keywords, use the SEOStack Keyword Tool. By looking at suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube, this tool generates an extensive keyword list for you based on what they deem to be relevant to your website.

Boost your rankings for certain keywords with this tool!

3. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

The SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch will simulate Google’s search engine queries from any location and will check your rankings against those of your competitors. Also, it will look to see if your URL ranks in the top 100, making it a very helpful tool for ranking checks.

4. Link Redirect Trace

It’s important to make sure that your website is performing the best from a technical standpoint, so use the Link Redirect Trace extension to keep an eye on this aspect.

Link Redirect Trace is an all-in-one redirect path analyzer. The extension performs an advanced analysis of links, redirects, and REL-canonicals. You can see the cookies that are placed on each redirect, the strength of each link and redirect, and if a page is blocked in robots.txt or X-Robots-Tags.

5. Linkclump

For efficient link building help, Linkclump is your best bet! With this extension, you can open, copy, and bookmark multiple links at once. It will save you a lot of time, especially since link prospecting can drain your energy away from other SEO tactics.

6. Lighthouse

This extension is an open-source tool for all-around improvements in website quality and performance. Lighthouse runs tests on the page and then gives results on how the page performed. The insights include page speed, SEO score, accessibility information, and more! Any failed test can show indicators for where you can improve.

7. GMB Scanner

If you’re wanting to boost your local SEO, the GMB Scanner is so insightful. Don’t spam listings just aggravate you? Well, this will help local SEOs find spam on the local pack. It spots fake, invalid, or virtual offices and will flag them as spam. Use this tool to help make spam reporting more efficient!

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