5 Businesses That Need Local SEO

local seoNational search engine optimization (SEO) can give you that visibility that you need online. However, local SEO is the best way to outrank those competitors and attract customers in your location.

Local SEO allows you to optimize your website for people in a certain geographic location, helping you to promote your products and services to local customers that are searching online.

Here’s a list of the top five businesses that need local SEO!

1. Home Services

Home services includes contractors, HVAC technicians, painters, roofers, plumbers, septic tank cleaners, and other home repair workers. To really see an increase in leads for this industry, you need local SEO. People who need these types of services are going to search for local professionals to come to their homes, so they will definitely be doing regional-specific searches.

2. Healthcare

If people are looking to get medical help, they will often search “hospitals near me,” “family dentist near me,” or “therapist near me.” our healthcare services need to be on that list! In order to attract more patients, your medical practice needs that local listing.

3. Landscapers

Just like home services, your landscaping services need to be visible to customers searching for your type of services in their area. It’s important that you let users know that you are local and can provide your services there!

4. Restaurants

Restaurants need to take advantage of local SEO to improve their visibility online. For example, if you are a restaurant that specializes in Chicago deep-dish pizza, it is important to make sure your website reflects your offerings and target audience!

People search for places to dine at and want to find them with ease. Invest your efforts in a local SEO campaign to outrank other local eateries and attract customers to your restaurant!

5. Gyms

The interesting thing about gyms is that they more often than not have multiple locations. This is important when it comes to local SEO. And if your gym does indeed have many locations, you will want to make sure that people can find each of them easily. Most people will want to go to a gym that is close to them, so make sure each location is optimized to increase its visibility!

Quick Tips for Local SEO

  • Optimize your local listing – Be sure to claim your Google My Business profile and optimize your business description, hours, photos, videos and services. Having your profile optimized will only improve your local ranking!
  • Target your locations throughout your website – Vary your landing page content by creating different pages for certain locations. Incorporate your local keywords in headers, body copy, image tags, and metadata. For example, if you cater to all of Cincinnati, be sure to mention instances of suburbs and northern Kentucky you also serve. Or even have a separate page for Dayton if its a nearby bigger city.
  • Participate in local link building – Reach out to local directories, publications, community platforms, or events that your business may be able to sponsor. The better your backlink profile is, the higher your site will appear in search engine rankings.

Need Help with Your Local SEO?

The list does not stop here. If your business involves real estate, legal services, pet boarding, remodeling, or something else in this realm, you may also benefit from local SEO.

Increasing your local SEO efforts is the only way to appear in Google’s local pack and attract more customers. If you’re needing assistance in implementing the right SEO campaign, reach out to us! Sixth City Marketing is here to help meet your goals.

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