5 Social Media Trends We Saw in 2020

social media 2020As our society moves more and more to the digital world, social platforms are evolving to increase efficiency for online users. Meanwhile, social media use has intensified, and new trends are becoming more prominent.

Staying updated on the latest social media trends can help you keep up and take advantage of key opportunities. Check out these five trends!

1. Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content relates to online content that is available for only a short amount of time, with the content usually designed to disappear after a certain time frame.

Typically, ephemeral content is seen on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook stories. The trend is popular because it leads to content which is short and engaging, and it helps social accounts to interact with their followers!

Some ways stories are being used include:

  • Polls
  • External links to websites
  • Giveaways
  • Countdown timers
  • Making announcements on products or services

2. Social Commerce

Now, social media platforms are offering the opportunity for users to purchase products and services straight from the social platform. Since social media is predominantly mobile-first, users are expecting the ease of browsing and purchasing right on their mobile device.

Brands are incorporating shoppable posts to leverage their products and services for mobile users to find and buy when browsing through the social feed.

3. Video Content

Video content is the best way to engage your audience and attract them to your accounts! This isn’t surprising, since TikTok, video stories, and long-form content on YouTube is dominating social media.

According to a Cisco study, video content comprises 82% of all online content. This content includes videos in posts, stories, YouTube videos and more. Incorporating video content in your social media strategy is a way to showcase your brand and the culture that follows!

4. Local Targeting

Using location-based targeting is a great way to attract users in a specific area, and one trend we saw with local targeting is geo-tagging your posts or stories to a certain location. This automatically draws in the intended audience.

On Instagram, there is an option to search for a certain location, so by geo-targeting your posts, users will be able to find your content with ease based on that area search.

Local targeting is an effective way for you to get your posts in front of the right audience!

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is when you add digital elements to change the way that aspects actually look on a platform.

This trend is very popular on Instagram and Snapchat as seen in the use of filters. Users will use filters to make themselves look like animals such as dogs and bunnies, or will enhance their makeup or facial features.

Some brands use AR to enhance their shopping experience and influence purchasing decisions. For example, beauty brands will allow you to “try on” their makeup products via filters.

Applying augmented reality for your followers is another way for them to interact with your brand!

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