JavaScript Errors That May Be Harming Your SEO

JavaScript Errors SEOWhen it comes to search engine optimization, you want to do your best to outrank your competitors and jump to the top of the results page. However, if you have certain errors on your website, your SEO efforts could be extremly harmed.

A common culprit for errors is JavaScript!

What Is JavaScript?

For those unaware, JavaScript is a language that programs specific features on your website. With JavaScript, you can create dynamic content, control multimedia, animate 2D/3D images, display interactive maps, and perform many other actions!

Adding these aspects into your website may aid your SEO efforts and help Google to deem your site more valuable and deserving of a higher ranking. However, if not implemented correctly, any errors could be detrimental.

Types of JavaScript Errors

If JavaScript errors are affecting your SEO efforts, then it’s important you learn about the types of things that can go wrong.

There are two main types of errors you can have: syntax errors and logical errors.

  • Syntax errors – This error lies in the spelling of your code. If your code isn’t spelled correctly, it could cause your entire program to not even work. Typically, you will be provided with an error message when something is incorrect.
  • Logic errors – With logic errors, your syntax is actually correct, but it isn’t producing what you wanted it to. This means that the program will actually run but will give you the wrong results. Logic errors are hard to catch since they do not display an error message.

Could the Problem with Your Website Be Something Other Than JavaScript?

Oftentimes, people who have had JavaScript issues in the past will blame it for any new website issues they see. While this may be true in some cases, search developer Martin Splitt states that there can be other underlying issues behind site errors.

In an indexing and crawling session, Splitt touched on a common misconception that JavaScript doesn’t work well for search engines. In actuality, JavaScript can work well if you have it configured give Google access. Some site owners use a “robots.txt” file that will block Google from accessing the code. This, in turn, will block search engines from crawling that page.

Splitt mentioned that he also sees people relying on JavaScript to do things for them that they can do without it, and this can cause problems for the Googlebot and potentially lead to it skipping over your links. If Google misses your links, how can they determine your credibility and authority?

To avoid potential JavaScript or other website errors, it’s important to utilize reliable techniques rather than anything complex. It could result in crawling issues!

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