Prepare Your Website for the Holidays with SEO

SEO for the holidaysThe holiday season is in full swing, but there is still time for you to make changes to your website that can help your business boost sales online and in stores.

Keep on reading to find out our leading SEO tips for the holidays, as 2020 is much different than any other previous shopping year.

5 Things to Do for Holiday SEO Success

1. Check Your Relevant Keywords

Unless you are paying for a keyword ranking platform, you can use a free tool to check where your site’s pages currently stand for your products and services.

If your rankings aren’t what you wish, check the content on your site to make sure you are using key terms in page titles, descriptions, content, and even on image tags.

And given that this holiday season is going to be different for everyone around the globe, you should explore adding language on your site such as “curbside pick-up available” or “free shipping” if you provide it, since these are relevant phrases that relate to what users may be looking for in your area.

2. Create Category Pages

If you are an ecommerce website, do you have pages for all of your products? What about category pages for groups of content? For example, the store Shop Athens Ohio not only allows visitors to find items based on their category, but also based on the different partners they work with, which can help users who are looking for specific items:

shop athens menu

By creating a variety of different, specific category pages, you can target more terms that users could be looking for, and lead them to your site!

3. Review Your Mobile Visibility

Just as it has been for the past few years, more and more users are doing shopping and searching online via their smart phones, which means that they are visiting the mobile version of your website, which displays differently than it does on desktop.

When was the last time you evaluated your website in mobile? Try visiting your site on your phone and checking how the menu works, if images display properly, if links are easily clickable, and more to see if there is anything you can change to make your mobile site a better experience for users and search engines.

4. Enhance Your GMB Listing

No matter if you are a local business or not, your Google My Business listing is a great way for customers to find you and learn more about your company.

Recently, there have been additional features that Google has added to business dashboards that can help potential customers find out key information such as if they are open for in-store shopping, if they are only doing curbside pickup, and much more!

gmb addons

As you can see, if you fully optimize your listing, you can even have snippets of information show that is helpful to online shoppers.

Pro-tip: Be sure to utilize the free Google posts feature in GMB to promote your sales and products as they can also show as snippets in search results!

5. Write Tailored Blog Posts

If you have unique products or offerings that you think would make great gifts for mom, dad, kids, or anyone else, why not showcase it by writing some blog posts around holiday topics people are searching for such as “best tech gifts for boyfriend” and feature your products.

You can also find other creative ways to craft tailored content while still being relevant to your brand by writing up how-to articles for your industry. Answer the Public is a great tool that can help you find ideas for blog posts centered around your offerings.

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