2 Ways to Do Remarketing with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads remarketingIn order to influence previous users who have visited your website, running ads using remarketing tactics can be a great way to prompt purchases, form submissions, and more.

Through the Facebook Ads interface, there are two easy ways to start running your ads toward this special audience type. Keep on reading to learn how.

Method 1: Facebook Pixel

Did you know that with a simple piece of code placed on your website, and the help of cookies and other analytics, your ads can run to anyone who has ever visited your website?

Thanks to the Facebook pixel, this is possible! Plus, creating and implementing the pixel is rather easy. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Create your unique pixel code by navigating to “Events Manager
  2. Then, click the green plus button to “Connect Data Sources” and select “Web”
  3. You will be able to select “Facebook pixel” and connect it
  4. Enter your own pixel name, such as “remarketing 2020” or something similar
  5. Now just add in your website URL, and you’ll be given your set up options
  6. If your website is built from one of the partner integrations, installing the code will be rather easy
  7. Otherwise, you will need to select “install code manually” and copy the code presented
  8. If you know how to edit the files on your website, add the code in the header file on your site before the </head> tag
  9. If you are unable to do this last part, send over the code and the last bullet of instructions to your developer
  10. Once the code is placed, you will be able to select the data from the pixel as your source while creating your ad set under “Conversion”

You will also need to set up events alongside using the pixel. You can find further information on this through Hootsuite’s complete guide to the Facebook pixel.

Method 2: Customer List

If you have forms that collect contact information, such as names and email addresses on your website, then another method you may need to try is using a static list. This is especially useful if you do not have the ability to add the pixel code on your website.

This is an even more direct way of running ads to those who you know are interested in your business, as they have already filled out forms to receive additional information, get added to your email list, or something else.

Using this method also puts you in the driver’s seat to alter the list and remove any persons you do NOT want ads to show for, which can be a real bonus.

If you are interested in this method, be sure to check out Facebook’s documentation on how to use a static customer list.

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