Help Speed Up Link Indexing with These 4 Tips

speed up link indexingWhether as part of your steady content strategy, or within your link building outreach, getting links indexed by Google can be a grueling task, especially if they’re on an outside website! Some links can take only a few hours, while others can take months and months to get noticed.

Check out these four ways you can help speed up the process.


If you are trying to get your own content indexed quickly, lucky for you, because adding your sitemap to Google Search Console is the easiest way to ensure speedy indexing. Dig around the backend of your website and see if your content management system has any way to control your sitemap.

If you are on a platform such as WordPress, there are various plugins you can install for sitemaps. You can also go to “[your website address]/sitemap.xml” and see if you have one in place already.

Once you have found or created your sitemap, you can insert the URL into the sitemap area of search console for indexing. Lastly, once you have your sitemap connected to search console, you can also request individual indexing of content on your website.


To help links get noticed, ensure you are doing your due diligence and interlinking them within your website. As search engines read existing content, and spot links within the content, it can help them to recognize that these pages are of importance.

Pro tip: An easy way to search your website for spots to add interlinks is to do a site search including keywords associated with the content at hand. For example, if I wanted to search our site for places I could link a new blog post about link building, I would enter this into the search bar in my browser:

interlinking tip

The results will show a variety of pages on our site that include the term link building, which are bolded in the results for me to easily see:

results screenshot

Social Media

Another way to encourage search engines to index content is to promote the content via social media. So be sure to tweet out new blog posts, write up posts on features you’ve gotten on other websites, and more.

Pro tip: Did you know that websites like IFTTT allow you to sync up various platforms to automatically share your content to social sites? Say you want a tweet published every time you post a new blog post – with their various connections, you could do just that! This automation site can save you both time and energy.

Email Marketing

Similar to getting clicks from social media posts, you should include new content or guest posts you have been linked from in your e-blasts! Not only does this give you more topic opportunities for your newsletters, but it is a direct way to drive traffic to the links you wish to get noticed.

Final Warning: Things NOT to Do

It is important to note that if you search for things like “index my links faster” you are possibly opening a can of worms for some blackhat SEO tactics that could do more damage than good. Here are some tactics to get your links indexed you should avoid:

  • Paying extreme amounts for indexing services
  • Paying for more backlinks across the web
  • Doing mass pinging to your website
  • Using spammy, low-quality websites to build more links to your pages

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Sarah Blocksidge

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