Find Out if Google’s Search Terms Update Is Affecting You

Optmyzr Releases Script to See How Many Queries You’re Missing

Google Ads search termsThanks to an article on Search Engine Journal, business owners, paid marketing managers, and others are now able to get reports emailed to them daily detailing how many search queries are going unidentified in their Google Ads account due to an update rolled out by Google.

The pay-per-click solutions company Optmyzr was kind enough to share a script they developed with digital marketers that sheds light on what exactly users are missing due to the recent rollout.

Quick Recap

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago Google announced that they will be making changes to the search terms report in Google Ads accounts. In short, they decided they would stop showing users every query that resulted in clicks to your ads, meaning you can no longer see important data that can help shape your campaign.

As you can imagine, not many people were happy with this announcement, with some even launching a petition. And ever since it began rolling out to advertisers’ accounts, many in the community have been trying to find a solution or workaround to this change.

As of earlier this week, it seems we may now have a good short-term answer.

About Optmyzr’s Script

Their newly released script pulls in data daily by using account reports and search query reports, calculated by their handy code.

With the data it pulls, the script compares the metrics between the two reports and accounts for any discrepancies between the two. This allows them to put together a percentage of search queries that have been unidentified, as shown in column D of their example:

search terms report

As you can see, the numbers in columns B and C do not match up because of the new implementation from Google.

How to Add the Script to Your Account

Here is how you can add in the script found at the bottom of the Search Engine Journal article to your account so you can start receiving your daily report email:

  1. Select “Tools & Settings” from the top navigation of your Google Ads account
  2. Go to “Scripts” located under “Bulk Actions”
  3. Click on the blue + button to add a new script
  4. Name your script next to “Script Name” something easily identifiable
  5. Copy the script from the article, and be sure to change the email in line 8 to be your own, and then paste it into the code area starting at line 1
  6. Run a test to ensure it works properly
  7. Save your script

From now on, you should receive an email daily to your inbox showing your search terms reports discrepancies.

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