Top 6 Pieces of Advice from Marketing Professors

professor marketing adviceFrom our previous series of interviews with marketing professors, we received a lot of insights on how they got to their positions and their outlook on the industry. Check out our list for some great advice from these marketing professors!

1. Give Yourself a Brand

Dr. Ana Babic Rosario from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver tells us to “brand yourself.” In her interview, she notes how important it is to find your own brand and what conversations you want to be a part of. Developing your own digital footprint is crucial to finding what interests you.

2. Find a Mentor

From the College of Business Administration at Kent State University, Professor Ellen Daniels says that her advice is to find a mentor early in your career. She also explains how important it is to try as many things as possible so you can figure out what you are most interested in. “Don’t be afraid to change your career path!”

3. Create a Good Social Media Presence

University of Missouri’s Dr. Perry Drake offers us another important piece of advice for young professionals. In our interview with him, he encourages everyone to have a good social media presence and to use it strategically. As Drake states, “Showcase your ability to create good content.”

4. Never Stop Learning

When we interviewed Dr. Jennifer Stoner from the University of North Dakota, she advised to always keep learning. With the state of marketing constantly evolving, it’s vital to stay on top of the latest trends. “Making sure that you understand not only what your role is now, but where it is going in the future will help to ensure you won’t be left behind,” Stoner says.

5. Leverage Your Use of Marketing Analytics

As marketing is becoming more and more digital, Professor Jay Richman from Johns Hopkins University advises newcomersto leverage and understand marketing analytics. In his interview, he says that the use of data as support and explanation will help you to differentiate you from peers and competitors.

6. Enjoy Marketing!

Dr. Vivek Astvansh from Indiana University offers advice we all need to hear. He reminds us the importance of enjoying marketing. It applies to our daily lives and there is so much power in all the relationships we make. So get out there and have fun!

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