The Easiest Way to Do Interlinking

easy interlinkingWhether you want to interlink to help signal to Google what pages on your site are dominant, speed up the indexing process for new blog posts, or just assist users on your site in finding relevant content on other pages, interlinking can reap great benefits when implemented.

However, if you have a large website, digging through every page on your site can be extremely tedious.

Lucky for you, we have a secret tip that can help you speed up the process. Keep on reading to find out what it is.

Site Search to the Rescue

Did you know that you can easily find keywords on your website by doing a site search on Google?

Say I wanted to find more places to link our blog section on our site – all I need to do is go to Google and type the following in the search bar:

site search

You would follow this structure for your own site by entering: [space] keyword

Replace “keyword” with whatever is most relevant to the content you want to link out to. And once you hit the search button, you will then get results that look like this:

site search results

You will see that anytime the keyword is mentioned, it is bolded in the description preview for the web page.

From this, I am given easy access to pages that I know have opportunities to link for the term “blog.” I can also go back and repeat this search for any synonyms that make sense for the page I am linking. So instead of “blog,” I could also search for:

  • News
  • Posts
  • Articles
  • Columns

Beyond these examples, I could throw in any variations of these terms!

Now that you have a list of pages you know are viable, you can log into your content management system, or whatever platform your site is built on, and go to the pages from the results. Once there, find the term on the page and add in the link.

Pro Tip: Adding links to text boxes varies by website, but there is a keyboard shortcut that can help for most software. Highlight the word or phrase you want to link, then press Ctrl-K in Windows or Command-K on Mac to add a hyperlink to the text.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you get in the habit of utilizing this trick, you’ll start seeing opportunities to use it for any content you have on your site now or in the future.

You can even make note of when you added interlinks, and then track your keyword positions to see if anything changes over the next few weeks!

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Sarah Blocksidge

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Sarah Blocksidge

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