Is It Time to Switch to WordPress?

switch to WordPressAre you growing tired of your current content management system? Whether your CMS is slow and outdated, or it’s not easy to update, there are many pitfalls that could have led you to this post.

If you are not happy with your current website, we highly recommend choosing to build your new website in WordPress, as for years WordPress has been our chosen CMS for our own site!

Here are a few points that could help:

5 Reasons We Love WordPress

1. Ease of Use

A pain point we often see with clients who are on non-WordPress websites is that they either have difficulty updating their website or they have no way to update it all together.

Updating regularly is critical to keeping a well-oiled website that is optimized for search engines. WordPress is a user-friendly platform that anyone can learn and navigate through to keep their site updated as needed in a timely manner.

2. Customization

Do you need a website that allows you to simply add new products? Do you have a specific way you’d like to display your content? One of the best things about WordPress is that when you work with a WordPress developer, they are able to fully customize the framework of your website to meet your unique needs.

3. Flexibility

In our day and age, having a website that is compatible across all devices is highly important. From cellphones to tablets to the different screen sizes on a desktop, you will want to ensure that your site adjusts accordingly no matter what device your customer is on. Not to mention, Google enforces mobile-first indexing. Unlike other CMS platforms, WordPress has the ability to be mobile-friendly to ensure optimal conversion rates and rankings.

4. Built-in Blog

WordPress was originally designed to be an easy blogging platform, and has grown to be a dynamic website software that has a lot of possibilities. But thanks to its roots, all WordPress sites are built with the ability to have a blog, so no extra development is needed. And if you don’t currently have a blog, check out this article to see its value: How Having a Blog Can Help SEO.

5. Plugins

One of the best parts about WordPress is that there is an entire library of both free and premium plugins that you can quickly install onto your website. From SEO tools to schema to just about anything else you can imagine, there is likely a plugin that exists to help.

Is WordPress Free?

WordPress software is indeed free to install onto your server, however, you will still need to pay for your domain and hosting. Also, custom WordPress development services and pre-made themes come with a cost, but are often essential to getting your site where it needs to be.

Learn More About WordPress

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