4 Types of Marketing Emails You Should Try

types of marketing emailsWhen conducting ongoing email marketing, it is easy to feel you are running out of things to write about. And on top of that, you want to make sure you are sending out well-rounded emails you know your readers will open and won’t lead to unsubscribes.

We understand! To help, check out a few ideas that can get your gears churning on thinking up more marketing email topics for your business.


It is highly beneficial to help educate your subscribers about things related to your industry, products, or services.

An easy way to do this is to refurbish some blog posts into emails for your audience, with topics such as:

  • # Things you didn’t know about X
  • What they don’t tell you about X
  • How to utilize X for your (business, life, etc.)
  • What is the difference between X and X?

All of these prompts could be modified to meet the type of business you are and what you provide, but the idea behind them is that they help both inform readers and entice them to invest in what you sell.

Industry Relations

Outside of educational emails related to what you are trying to sell, one tactic to try is showing you are an industry leader and expert in your field. You can go about this by taking a newsier approach, keeping your readers in the loop on major developments going on in your industry.

From legislation that has passed in your state to software updates related to your industry and more, impress your potential clients by showing you are always one step ahead of your competitors and are knowledgeable in your field.


Similar to listicle articles (such as this blog post you are reading), summary round-up emails can be easy ways to share various things without having to write a lot of content!

Here are a few ideas on different types of round-up emails you can send:

  1. Best of – Share some of your top products, blog posts, etc.
  2. What’s new – Highlight the latest things you’ve added to your site
  3. Up and coming – Tease some new things that will be soon coming to your site or things going on in the industry
  4. What they missed – Provide a collection of hand-picked items you want more exposure on


A somewhat obvious email that is very well suited for various business types is to promote things within your organization. This could include new products, services you want to get more business from, or different types of events.

When it comes to these types of emails, one thing you need to focus on is a great subject line that will attract subscribers to not only read your email, but convert into purchases or clients.

An easy way to have numerous things to promote is to create a content calendar filled with various holidays, from national taco day to Father’s Day and everything in-between. This can help you come up with more ideas on email topics and ways to create specials and discounts to allure customers!

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