A Guide to Local Landing Pages

Local landing pagesIf your company is wanting to target customers on a local level, optimizing your website for local SEO efforts is the key. Local SEO works best for businesses that have physical locations in different cities. It can also work for companies that don’t need to meet their clients in-person and can serve anyone.

For you to rank on search engine results pages, you must optimize your landing pages for a target location so your audience can find your website more easily.

Identify Your Target Location

Determine where your target customer is based or what other regions you would like your services to be ranking in. Consider what cities you have offices in and where you want your clients to come from.

Once you have figured this out, you can start creating and optimizing pages for them!

Create Unique Content for Each of These Cities

With your target areas in mind, create custom landing pages for each region and then publish them to your site.

Some things to consider regarding the content on these pages:

  • Include the city name in your keywords (ex: Cincinnati pest control)
  • Optimize your headline and sub-headline to include location
  • Feature the targeted location in your meta description and meta title
  • Write about city-specific offers you may have
  • Include high-quality images of your location and optimize alt text and titles
  • If you have client reviews from a certain location, feature those on the page
  • Consider what makes that location unique and write content around that

Build Links to Those Local Landing Pages

Research local publications and directories for your website to be linked on. Write up a case study or testimonial and embed the link within. Reach out to a local directory and inquire if your company could be featured for that city or industry.

It is also a great practice to post on your social media account about your certain target cities. Building brand awareness is important to increase traffic to those specific pages!

Why Local Landing Pages Are Important

  • Local landing pages improve your local search authority, and Google will reward you by displaying your website for both broad and targeted searches
  • You can publish unique content for your local area, including special menus, events for different locations, local news, or featurettes on staff members
  • You get more opportunities to generate leads, because with more content on your website, the more opportunities you have to draw in users through different links to landing pages

Reach Out to Sixth City Marketing for Local SEO Help!

If you are looking to rank better in Google’s local pack for your services, the Sixth City Marketing team is here to help with your local SEO! We have the extensive experience you need to make your local marketing efforts soar.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide you! We look forward to working with you.

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