6 Reasons Why We Love Unbounce

unbounceUnbounce is an incredibly useful software that creates customized landing pages that will help you maintain the highest conversion rates. You can create pages with one goal as the focus instead of having users browse your page for hours. The great thing is that there is no coding required.

Here at Sixth City Marketing, we use Unbounce for our landing pages. Read on to see the six reasons why we love the platform.

1. Variety of Designs

Within Unbounce, there are many different designs you can implement on your pages. By doing so, you are able to customize them to the uniqueness you want. With over 100 templates to choose from, you are sure to find one that meets your needs!

2. Pop-Ups and Stickys

96% of visitors come to sites to browse, not to buy, but with pop-ups and stickys, you are more likely to push them to convert to sales. In Unbounce, you can build and launch these elements very quickly, and you can also target a certain audience that you want these elements to trigger for. Pop-ups and stickys are also very helpful for supplying promotions and discount codes to your customers.

3. A/B Landing Page Testing

For those who don’t know, A/B testing is a type of experiment where you create two versions of a landing page and test them out to see which converts better to meet your goals.

Unbounce has a feature within its software that allows you to split traffic between variations of a landing page. Then, you can view how your visitors are behaving and what might be motivating them to convert. With A/B landing page testing, you are able to really see what will convert the best!

4. Smart Traffic Feature

This new feature on Unbounce allows you to boost your conversion rate with a machine powered optimization. Through Smart Traffic, you look at the attributes of your visitors and it automatically sends them to a variation of the page. It quickly tests, predicts and optimizes your campaigns in a split second.

5. Integrations with HubSpot, Zapier, and Other Platforms

By integrating with different software platforms, you are able to instantly send leads from your Unbounce forms. The integration feature helps you to save time and minimize tasks by already sending insights into these other platforms. Plus, Unbounce lets you integrate with 117 platforms!

6. Guaranteed Security

Unbounce guarantees that your business data entered into the system is secure and your privacy is protected. Some of the security features include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Password security
  • Auto-session timeouts
  • Domain protection
  • User permissions
  • Version control

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