The Local SEO Tactic You Likely Aren’t Doing

local seo tacticWhen it comes to local SEO, there are numerous ways to boost your efforts through quality tactics. These can include Google Business Profile optimization, interlinking, writing local content, and adding location pages.

However, if you are wanting to soar to the top of the local pack on Google, spam listings could get in your way of making the top three. The most vital tactic that you most likely are not engaging in is spam submissions. Reporting spam is your best bet to maneuver your way toward the top.

What Is Considered Spam?

1. Keyword Stuffing

A very common type of spam is seen in listings with keyword stuffing. These are profiles that don’t reflect the actual business name, as the owner has included the keywords they want to rank for.

For example, if a company’s name is Mike’s Pizza Shop, then a keyword-stuffed spam listing could look like “Mike’s Pizza Shop – Cleveland Pizza Places.”

The business name is not the only thing being listed. Therefore, they could be at the top of the local pack for the keywords they’ve used (Cleveland pizza places). In order to rise above listings like this, you need to submit them, as they are breaking Google’s rules.

2. Fake Business Listings

This is another issue that we are seeing on local pack listings. They are completely fake listings that black-hat SEO marketers use to generate leads.

A good way to identify these businesses is looking at their addresses and street views. Does the street view confirm they are at this location? Also, look at other listings that could use the same address. Does the address on the listing match their address on the website?

3. Fake Reviews

Review spam is a tactic that businesses use when they are desperate for a better ranking. Companies know that Google rewards listings that generate a lot of reviews. So, some companies will get people to leave fake reviews or even have their employees self-review.

In response to fake reviews, Google has stepped up their game in identifying and removing them. Check out the inappropriate review guidelines to learn more about how you can flag them!

How Can You Report Spam?

One of the best local SEO tactics you can put your efforts into is reporting these spammers. By reporting them, you can improve your own online presence, allowing you to jump to the top three in the local pack.

You can report spam in three separate ways:

  1. Suggest an edit (change name or other details)
  2. Suggest an edit (remove this place)
  3. Google’s Redressal Form

For more information on reporting spam, read our Guide to Spam Submissions!

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