Top 5 SEO Tips for Lawyers and Attorneys

lawyer SEOIf your law firm is struggling to generate more leads and traffic to your website, it may just be that your lawyer SEO strategy needs some work. Odds are that if your site doesn’t pop up on the first page of Google’s search results, then users will have a very hard time finding you.

Check out our top five tips to get you started!

Tip 1: Determine Your Keywords

Before you get to the content on your website, you must determine what keywords and phrases you want to rank for. A good starting point is to think of the specific areas of your practice. Write down some possible options and check them out in the search engine. Establish both broad terms and more specific long-tail keywords!

Tip 2: Optimize Your Content with Keywords

Your lawyer SEO strategy is significantly lacking if those keywords you’ve established are not scattered throughout your website. Some suggestions for where to include your keywords include:

  • Page title – This is the most significant and influential place to incorporate keywords. Google will pay the most attention to your title, or h1, so be sure to optimize it.
  • Body content – As you write your pages, it is important to keep firmly focused on your keywords. Google looks at everything so include keywords throughout the body of your pages, as well as in headers. However, stay away from sounding spamming by stuffing your keywords in every sentence.
  • Graphics – Make sure the title and alt tags incorporate some variation of your keywords. Your images are capable of ranking on Google’s search engine too, so be sure to have them optimized with keywords.

Tip 3: Look for Guest Posting Opportunities

In addition to on-site SEO, any off-site SEO lawyer tactics you can implement will also help boost your rankings. A very impactful technique is guest posting on relevant industry sites. You have a lot of knowledge for your niche – use it to get highly authoritative and relevant publications to link to you.

Some things to keep in mind when you first start out guest posting on other websites:

  • Reach out to sites that your target audience will visit
  • Make sure the site is relevant to your company and of high quality
  • Be strategic on where you place your website’s link
  • Write original content

Tip 4: Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Ranking nationally can be vital depending on your business or focus, but ranking in your local community requires some additional methods. Your Google My Business profile can go a long way in improving your local online presence. Having a Google My Business profile gives you the opportunity to provide all important business information for the searcher, and helps Google to categorize you.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your profile:

  • Make sure all of your information is correct
  • Upload quality images to showcase your facility and brand identity
  • Incorporate keywords into your company description
  • Choose a relevant and specific category
  • Encourage reviews and respond to users

Setting up your profile is quick and easy. Add this into your lawyer SEO efforts and you are sure to rank in the local pack!

Tip 5: Track Your Rankings and Visits

How do you expect to measure your successes if you have no data to look at? Input your target keywords into, then check to see how they are ranking and if they are jumping or dropping in positions. If you notice a drop, you can configure a plan to improve your SEO for that keyword.

Use Google Analytics to measure visits, session duration, conversions, goal completions and much more! With this platform, you can look at your results and make lawyer SEO adjustments if need be.

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