How to Build Quality Links in 2023 and Beyond

quality link buildingUpdated July 5, 2023

If you want to boost your domain authority and dominate Google’s search results pages, backlinks are your answer! SEO professionals say that 75% of SEO is determined by off-page factors, which chiefly means link building.

Your link building strategies have to be top notch if you want to build quality links in 2023 and beyond. Check out these tips!

Write Guest Posts

Guest blogging is probably the most common form of link building.

For those that don’t know, guest posting is finding a relevant site and writing an article for them. Most of the sites will offer you an opportunity to link to your website either within the post or from a bio section.

The most important thing to remember when guest posting is to find relevant websites. When searching for the right websites, make sure to include your keyword or phrase in the query. Once you’ve found a relevant publication that will accept your guest post, qualify it by checking out their domain authority. The higher the domain authority the better!

2. Competitor Research

Do you have a successful competitor who is ranking above you? Use their backlink profile and check out what they’re doing behind the scenes. There’s a good chance they are getting some quality links from blogs, publications, and more.

Make a list of the websites that have linked to them and decide which opportunities you could potentially reach out to. Find publications, directories, or even profiles they have created that have given them a “do follow” link and boosted their DA.

3. Search Industry Directories

Research niche directories and find out where you can get your company listed. You can include relevant business information that will get your brand and services out there for potential customers. You can also include a link to your website and gain that backlink.

Some things to consider when searching are making sure the directories are high quality and determining if they are free or paid listings.

4. Testimonial Links

Does your company work with a lot of different clients and services? If they’re relevant to your business, this could be a great potential link for you!

A few things to note when wanting to be quoted for a testimonial link are:

  • Make sure that these are services/clients that you actually work with
  • Check to make sure they have a “success stories” or “testimonials” section for you to achieve that link

With testimonial links, both the client and your company benefit. You receive a quality link and some brand awareness, while they receive a quality testimonial for how great their product or service is!

5. Show Your Expertise

You have the incredible knowledge of what your company does. Share that information and gain a link with it!

One way to do this is with resource links. Many websites have a page on their site that is labeled “Useful Resources” or “Useful Links.” Reach out to other industry sites letting them know you have relevant information in hopes that they link back to you.

Another great resource is Help a Reporter Out (HARO). HARO is a platform where journalists come looking for industry experts to quote in an article or post that they are writing. When you provide them with your industry knowledge for something they are working on, they will link back to your website in the finished piece!

Reach Out to Sixth City

If you’re ready to boost your link building tactics during 2023 and beyond, be sure to contact Sixth City Marketing today! We are dedicated to meeting your SEO needs.

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