How to Track LiveChat Leads in Google Analytics (UA and GA4)

LiveChat logoUpdate March 22, 2023

If you have LiveChat installed on your website, it is crucial that you are tracking the conversations you take part in as goals in Google Analytics so you can track their success. But with GA4 taking over UA in the next few months, we figured we should update this post so it helps you no matter what version you are using at the moment.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to find out how to connect your account and create goals.

For GA4

Luckily if you are trying to find out how to track LiveChat goals in GA4, and are confused by the new interface, it’s quite simple. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Install GA4 and Let it Process

First and foremost, install GA4 on your site by creating a new property in analytics and adding the tracking code to the header of your website. So if you just added the GA4 tracking code to your website today, you are going to have to wait a few days to set up conversions as it starts to digest information from your site.

While you wait, something you can do to help is by doing a few test tickets and chats to help GA4 learn.

Step 2: Turn on the Conversion Event

Unlike UA, creating goals for the various LiveChat actions is relatively simple, as GA4 will automatically create conversions based on different events that trigger on your site.

Go to Admin -> Conversions, and turn on the “Mark as Conversion” switch for:

  • Pre-chat survey filled in
  • Ticket form filled in

Note: If these options are not showing up yet, come back in a few days and do some more tests to help the event trigger for GA4.

Step 3: Evaluate Data

Once you have turned these conversions on in your settings, you will be able to track your success by going to Reports -> Engagement -> Conversions, where you will see the different events you enabled:

ga4 livechat goals

For Universal Analytics

Following the below steps to connect UA and LiveChat:

Step 1: Connect LiveChat and GA

To start, you will need to make sure that LiveChat is configured with your Google Analytics account.

When logged into your LiveChat account, go to the Marketplace and search for Google Analytics. It will take you to the integration page. Once activated, you will need to click on the setting button to properly enable the two platforms to work together.

You will need to have the tracking ID from the Analytics account you want to sync data with – this can be found in Admin -> Tracking Info -> Tracking Code, and the ID will be at the top of the page and will look like UA-########-#.

LiveChat has a helpful tutorial on this in case you need more help.

Step 2: Test Chat and Look in Analytics

Once you have properly synced the two, open up Google Analytics in a new tab, go to the account that you chose to connect LiveChat with, and then navigate to Real-Time -> Events.

And in another tab, go to your website and send a test chat. Doing this should trigger data to start coming through in the real-time events area you have opened in the other tab. If not, refer to the tutorial link at the end of step 1 to check your configuration.

But, if you do see an event named “LiveChat” show up, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Create New Event Goals

Now that LiveChat data is correctly flowing into your Google Analytics account, the last thing you need to do is set up a few event goals to track the different actions that users can take.

If you do not know where to add goals, click on Admin on the left-hand menu, then in the third column you should see Goals. There will be a red button at the top of this area where you can click to add a new goal.

Here are the different events that will be triggered that you can track as goals:

  • Automated Greeting – When the automated greeting and chat box pops up for users
  • Pre-Chat Survey Filled In – When someone fills out the short survey before starting a chat
  • Chat – For a chat when a user replies and a chat takes places
  • Ticket Form Filled In – This will track whenever a user fills out the form fields on your chat while you are offline

Note: We are going to disregard the automated greeting and chat events, as they would create duplicated numbers in your goals.

For all these goals, you are going to select Custom for Goal Setup, name it whatever you like, but we suggest name it similarly to what we show below, and select the goal type as Event. Here are the goal configurations for you to follow:

Ticket Form Filled In

ticket form

Name: Live Chat – Ticket Form filled in
Goal type: Event
Category – Equals to: LiveChat
Action – Equals to: Ticket form filled in

Pre-Chat Survey Filled In


Name: Live Chat – Pre-chat Survey filed in
Goal type: Event
Category – Equals to: LiveChat
Action – Equals to: Pre-chat Survey filed in

But Most Importantly…

Be sure to save your goals after adding in these details!

Step 4: Keep an Eye on Things

Now all you have to do is wait for real-life chats to come through so you can cross reference your LiveChat account and the conversions in your GA account.

If you do not see things funneling in properly or lining up, be sure to recheck your configurations and try again.

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