Twitter Now Lets You Schedule Out Tweets on the Web App

Twitter scheduling Even though there are many third-party platforms that allow you to schedule out tweets, Twitter is now allowing you to do so on the main web app. The November 2019 testing of this feature has finalized, and everything is now rolled out as of May 2020.

In addition to scheduling, Twitter is also allowing a “save for later” option to save drafts that you aren’t ready to post yet. As of now, this new feature is only available for the web app. It is still uncertain when it will be added to the mobile app.

The Steps for Scheduling Your Tweets

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to scheduling your tweets!

Step One

Open your web browser and navigate to Twitter. When you’ve logged in, begin drafting a tweet like you normally would. After you have composed your tweet, click on the schedule icon as seen in the image below!

step 1

Step Two

Once you’ve clicked on the icon, select your time and date. Make sure you are in the right time zone, too! When everything looks good, click confirm.

step 2

Step Three

Now that you have your desired date and time, you can then click the schedule button! That’s it. You’ve scheduled your tweet.

step 3

But what if you decide that you want to alter that tweet, or even cancel it?

How to Alter or Cancel Scheduled Tweets

Navigate to your “Unsent Tweets” and find your scheduled one.

step 4

You can click on this tweet, edit it and reschedule it as you’ve done in the previous steps. If you’ve decided that you would not like to post this tweet anymore, you can always click the “clear” button. This will, essentially, “unschedule” your tweet!

step 5

The Benefits of Scheduling Out Tweets

It is important to take advantage of this new feature as there are many benefits that come with it. Some of them include:

  • Consistency in voice – By composing tweets at the same time, you are writing in the same tone and can keep in line with your brand.
  • Saves you time – You don’t have to base your schedule around when a tweet needs to be posted. You can write them when you have inspiration and schedule them for later dates. No frantic research or writer’s block!
  • Creativity – By scheduling out your tweets, you can watch for repetitive content. You will remember what you previously wrote and get creative with what you compose.

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