Why to Consider Adding LiveChat to Your Site

why to add LiveChatWe know that when you own and run a business, generating more sales is your number one priority. And as digital marketing experts, we understand the need to have readily available ways for potential customers to contact you is crucial.

This is why we love LiveChat; not only does it create an instant way for website visitors to reach out, but it has shown great results for both ourselves and a number of our clients.

Keep on reading to learn more on why we have great “chatisfaction” with LiveChat.

Some Features Included in LiveChat

  • 14-day free trial to get acquainted to the software before committing
  • Easy to install on your website and paid landing pages
  • Provides lead source data to see where the lead came from (organic, paid, referral, etc.)
  • Shows location data of where the chat is coming from across the globe
  • Has integrations with various CRMs, such as HubSpot, and Google Analytics to set up goal tracking
  • Option to download a free mobile app to chat with customers while on the go
  • Includes customization of name, photo, messaging, and more
  • Has the ability to set up automatic responses and other helpful AI
  • Offers built-in reports to see important metrics within the platform

Our Own Success with LiveChat

We installed LiveChat on our website back in 2017, and ever since, it has only proven to be more beneficial to our business each year.

Here is some data from 2019 that helps show that:

  • 158 chats total
  • Average of 13 chats per month
  • 5 chats resulted into further discussions
  • 3 went deeper into the pipeline, and 1 closed

Important Note: The one that closed eventually led to us working with two other sister companies, so from that one lead, we gained three clients!

2020 Looks Better Than Ever

As we have ramped up our digital marketing tremendously in 2020, so far at around six months into the year we have had:

  • 89 chats, with 14 chats on average per month
  • 16 of these chats went into further discussions
  • 7 of these went deeper into the pipeline
  • And 4 chats have already turned into clients

With that as a guide, we are on pace to end 2020 with around 178 chats, 32 further discussions, 14 strategy sessions and proposals, and 8 new clients.

What Other LiveChat Customers Have to Say

In Case You Needed More Convincing…

Having a chat on your site can be super fun, too:

fun livechat

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Sarah Blocksidge

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Sarah Blocksidge

Sarah is the Marketing Director at Sixth City Marketing and has been with the company since 2016. Her main role is to attract more B2B clients for the company. Over the years, she has been mentioned on HubSpot, Content Marketing Institute, Fast Company, Mashable, and many other notable sites.

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