Be Alert: May 2020 Google Core Update

Late in the afternoon on May 4, Google’s official Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, posted a tweet that shocked the SEO community – that they in fact have released a new core update in midst of the coronavirus pandemic:

Per usual, we can expect to see changes to search over the next coming weeks, so be sure to stay alert and keep an eye on your rankings as the update takes effect.

Community Response

Almost immediately, Google received backlash from digital marketers who know the damage that core updates can do. This is the second update of 2020 after their broad core algorithm update in mid-January.

What We Know

As this update is so recent, we do not have much to report yet on what will be coming, as Google has not specified what exactly is going to be changing.

However, SERoundtable posted what they are seeing so far across various ranking tools, with the most severe spike being from Rank Ranger:

data table Source:

Stay tuned for more news about this core update on our blog. In the meantime, keep in mind Google’s general advice when it comes to their core updates:

  • Continue to focus on quality content
  • Provide content that answers questions, provides expertise, and is original
  • Understand the E-A-T method and take it into consideration
  • Updates happen often, so as long as you are doing your due diligence, your site should not be negatively impacted

If you have any concerns about this update and would like assistance enacting search engine optimization, we’d be happy to help.

Sarah Blocksidge

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