4 Ways Pay-Per-Click Data Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

In the digital marketing world, PPC and SEO do not directly affect each other. However, there are a number of ways that the two can be intertwined to improve your digital marketing efforts.

In particular, data received from Google Ads provides a variety of insights that can be applied to your SEO efforts and can therefore be extremely helpful in your digital marketing strategy.

Check out our list of four ways that PPC data can help you improve your SEO strategy below!

1. Test New Organic Keywords

PPC is an easy and quick way to test whether or not new organic keywords will convert. Search engine optimization can often take a great amount of time and research, and therefore makes refining your keyword strategy a daunting task.

With PPC, you can simply choose the keywords that you would like to test and start a campaign. You will want to select keywords that you feel you have a good chance of ranking for and that will convert well.

After running and monitoring your campaign for a little while, you will be able to determine how the keywords perform for you and if you should optimize your site for them.

2. Find Layouts That Convert

Looking for a way to increase conversions on your live site? With Google Ads you can easily run A/B tests on landing pages to discover which layout converts best. Try changing the following on your landing pages:

  • Colors
  • Value proposition
  • Images

Once you know which landing page layout converts best, you can adjust the layout of your live site to match!

3. Use Search Phrases to Inspire Blog Posts and New Content

One of the best parts about Google Ads is that it shows you the exact word or phrase that people searched for when they saw your ad. To find this information, go to the keywords section of your account and then go to the “Search Terms” tab.

These search terms can be a great source of inspiration for your SEO strategy. Browse through the list to see what potential customers are searching for. You can then compile a list of keywords you hadn’t previously thought of, long-tail keywords, and keywords with high conversion rates. This list will provide you with new content ideas that you know potential customers will be interested in and help you bring more traffic to your site!

4. Test Headline and CTA Performance

With Google Ads, it is very easy and quick to test the performance of potential headlines and CTAs. Typically, copy that converts well in ads is also likely to convert well on your live site. With this in mind, use phrases from your top-performing ads in headlines, CTAs, and metadata to increase conversion rate on your live site.

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