Have Trade Show Budget to Spend? Now Is the Time to Consider Increasing Digital Marketing

digital marketingWith the challenges of COVID-19 affecting various aspects of our businesses, there’s a good chance you’re part of one of the many companies that have had to cancel plans to attend, exhibit at, or sponsor trade shows and conferences.

But have you considered what to do with the extra budget you now have, and started to look for ways to boost your business as we face these uncertain times?

Your marketing budget could have thousands of dollars of spend to use, and it may be time to consider digital marketing now rather than later.

The Case for Increasing Your Investment in Digital Marketing Now

Since we all have had to shift to a more digital landscape in recent months, from how we do team meetings to how we connect with customers, considering digital marketing should be on your mind.

Here are a few reasons why you should think about investing in digital marketing now:

  • Long-term Rewards – When it comes to SEO, the effects of digital strategies can take 3-6 months for the work to kick in to see full results. So if you were to start now, the total effects of search engine optimization will hit in midsummer to fall when the economy should be in a better situation (we hope).
  • Strategic Targeting – While some industries are struggling, others are thriving. Through paid advertising, on both Google and social media platforms, you can create a campaign, set a budget, and utilize customizable parameters to target the industries that are doing well
  • Boosts Pipeline – The current slowdown has most likely affected the top of your sales pipeline. This can make an impact down the road depending upon how long your sales cycle is. However, while your overall business right now may be fine as you are benefitting from good leads gained during earlier quarters, any leads you are getting now will affect your business in the future.

It’s critical to be aggressive now rather than later to supplement any current slowdowns you are experiencing at the top of your sales funnel. Boosting your investment in digital marketing now can help with that.

Not Sure Where to Start? Contact Our Team

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Sarah Blocksidge

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Sarah Blocksidge

Sarah is the Marketing Director at Sixth City Marketing and has been with the company since 2016. Her main role is to attract more B2B clients for the company. Over the years, she has been mentioned on HubSpot, Content Marketing Institute, Fast Company, Mashable, and many other notable sites.

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