Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using (If You Aren’t Already)

timely marketingIf your business is temporarily closed during the COVID-19 crisis, staying in contact with your customers or clients is worth doing in order to maintain your relationship. When your company reopens, you want your customers to know you’re ready to provide the same great services.

Here are some tips for remaining connected to your customers!

1. Update Your Messaging to Clients and Customers

Let your customers know your current state of business! If you’re open, remind them. Include valuable information on how your company is addressing the virus. Make sure they know you are taking proper protocol and your services are safe. Feature this message on your website, social media channels, Google My Business profile and/or paid ads.

It’s essential to maintain an open and transparent level of communication with your clients while we all navigate this uncertain time.

2. Run Discounts to Drive People into the Sales Pipeline

Companies that already have an ecommerce component to them should remind their customers or clients that they can still shop online. For instance, try running a discount code to encourage them to continue with you and your products or services. You can run these discounts and provide promotional opportunities to drive people into the sales pipeline.

If you do not have an ecommerce component, encourage them to buy gift cards to use later. You can even try to offer online services if it works with your business!

3. Re-evaluate Your Marketing Focus

While some companies are clearly taking a hit during the COVID-19 crisis, others are booming and busier than ever. Take a look at the industries that are thriving in this current economy.

It’s vital to target your marketing efforts to those companies that are at the forefront of this crisis. Reach out and stay connected with them to continue generating revenue in a time of great uncertainty! Double down on your marketing basics and achieve that ROI.

4. Test and Measure in Google Analytics

Be sure that you are testing and measuring your current and new marketing efforts through Google Analytics. This way, you can develop a strategy moving forward through the crisis. From seeing if new landing pages you are writing are getting traction to checking if people are downloading coupons, Google Analytics is an essential tool.

Most importantly, set up goal tracking for any new forms or specials you run so you can properly see their success. Check out this blog post on various things you can track in GA.

5. Don’t Forget About Search Console

Google’s Search Console helps monitor and troubleshoot your site’s presence on the search engine, and one of their best features is showing what search queries drove clicks to your website. By using this platform, you can get a bigger picture of what customers are searching for in relation to your products and services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeing what queries are driving the most traffic to your website can help you get a better idea on how to adjust your current strategy and see first-hand what type of mindset customers are in. This can help you tweak your content to be more informational, transactional, or whatever else is relevant.

If you need to learn more about Google Search console, how to add it to your website, and how to navigate its interface, please reference our helpful Google Search Console blog post.

6. Set Up Video Chats

Keep your face-to-face relationship with your customers or clients available. Set up video calls, check in on them, and answer any questions in real time. Staying in contact virtually is critical in this time as the majority of businesses are either closed or have moved their operations to be remote.

Seeing your face and knowing that you are there to support them during this difficult time can reassure them and let them know they are in good hands, and that your business is doing what it can to adjust to current circumstances. The trust you build with them will carry on for the long haul.

7. Send Emails

Show some appreciation to your clients by sending them an email to let them know that your business is thinking of them. Include information about your company and how it is operating right now, along with any plans you have moving forward. Your customers are your community; ask them what you can do to support them.

8. Stay on Top of Your Social Media

In isolation, everything is online. Keeping up with your social media accounts is a vital practice that you should be doing right now. Continue to post about your company to keep clients knowledgeable about your business. You can do this through:

  • Posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more
  • Adding “stories” to your platforms
  • Sharing helpful articles with your followers
  • Going live to give updates, demos, and more

You could even post tips for staying at home or fun things to lighten the mood. Maybe have a different employee take over the account with a work from home “behind the scenes” feature. You can really get creative with it!

Everyone is now checking their social accounts more frequently, so why not stay up on your posts to keep in their mind!

9. Write Blog Posts

If you have not already, now is the time to make a company blog. Create a list of topics, split them with your co-workers, and publish some finished pieces. Just like your social, you can make these relevant to your company or connect them to social isolation and quarantine.

It could also be fun to feature a “vlog” series of video blogs. This can change things up and provide an alternative to written content, while also making for an entertaining way for clients to get to know your team.

Once your blogs are completed, consider sending them out to clients in email newsletters as well to help you strengthen your relationship during this time.

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