Recent Changes to Google My Business and Digital Marketing

google my business updates covid-19Accompanying the chaos of COVID-19, the digital marketing industry has changed up a few things that are important to know about. With businesses closing and employees working remotely, some notable aspects of online marketing have been altered to meet the nation’s current needs.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is one platform that has made changes, with some key ones being:

  1. GMB is allowing restaurants to include a “delivery available” or “take out available” notice on their profile. This was never an option before, however now it is deemed essential with the shutdown of these restaurants.
  2. Some businesses are being marked as “temporarily closed” in their GMB profile. You can also manually mark your business as temporarily closed within the interface. Keep in mind that doing this should not impact your rankings, but some businesses should just be using special hours (if closed for less than two weeks), per Krsytal Taing, Google Product Expert.
  3. Google has shut off the ability for businesses to receive new reviews and questions, and responses to both from the business owner are not displaying.
  4. Photos added to a profile are not shown live as well.
  5. GMB phone support is not working anymore. The only way to contact the platform is through email.
  6. You cannot make certain updates to your profile information; only hours and description edits are allowed.

Also, there is a new update button in the profile that allows you to make edits due to COVID-19, as seen in this example: covid-update

More Businesses Turning to Online Marketing

With the online world now even more active due to people remaining indoors, companies are increasing their digital marketing efforts to make sure customers and clients don’t forget about them during this time. According to Forbes, there has been a recent spike in companies creating social media campaigns, updating their website content, launching ecommerce operations, and increasing their SEO efforts. For a lot of companies, events, sales pitches, and even day-to-day operations are not possible during quarantine. Therefore, they are relying on the digital world to drive their marketing efforts.

More Companies Doing Website Redesigns

As physical store locations are closed in various states across the U.S., businesses that once did not have an online presence are investing time into creating new websites or updating their websites to ensure that they are user friendly, inviting, and optimized with relevant content. Whether simple or complex, these changes are made in an effort to get noticed by the sudden influx of online users. When you are optimizing landing pages, keep in mind some of the key tactics to get your site at the top of the organic search engine results pages. These include adding relevant keywords, inserting quality links, and more. Here are some blog posts to keep in mind if you are in the midst of prepping your website for digital marketing:

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