7 Work from Home Tips to Live By

work from home tipsIf you are used to routinely going into the office and working at a desk, working from home can be extremely difficult. It is hard to stay motivated when your everyday routine has been flipped upside down. Little distractions may seem like impossible obstacles to overcome.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are seven work from home tips to live by!

1. Make a Feel-Good Playlist

Create a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to while you are working. There is nothing like a feel-good song to put you in the best mood. Motivation through music is a perfect way to feel like you can do anything!

2. Make a Group Chat with Your Co-workers

Reach out to your co-workers and create a group chat! Text about work things or anything else, but just talking to them will make you feel a little more like you are at work with your peers. Check in on them too to see what they need to feel successful working from home. Share different strategies to boost each other.

3. Dedicate a Workspace

Make a specific spot for where you are going to do your work. Having this space will allow you to stay organized and feel like you are at your desk at work. Trying to work from the couch or your bed will ultimately end up unsuccessful. You are more likely to stay motivated replicating your space at work!

4. Take Breaks

Working an 8-hour day can be mundane and boring. Split up your day in intervals. Work for 2-3 hours then take a snack break, go for a walk, facetime a friend, or watch an episode of your favorite show. Breaking up your day can help you to feel like the day isn’t dragging on. Also, it will help your mental state as it will allow you to recharge, making you feel more rejuvenated when you come back to work.

5. Set an Alarm

Yes, you are working from home, but the key is that you are working. This doesn’t mean you can sleep until noon and then try to work after that. Set an alarm an hour before you intend to start in. Shower, get dressed, drink coffee, watch the news and eat breakfast. You don’t have to start working right away, but get ready for the day like you would before a typical work day.

6. Write It Down

Keep track of your tasks and routine for the day on paper. Make sure to have a quality planner or notebook so you can see the things you need to get done. Put deadlines for yourself too! You can be creative by color coordinating your tasks. Nothing feels better and more rewarding than crossing something off that list!

7. Stay Positive

Since you aren’t around those in the office, you have to be your own self advocate! Stay positive and confident in your abilities. It’s important to believe that you can get your work done. With this being said, don’t be too hard on yourself if you just have an off day. Working remotely is incredibly tough and can take time to get the right routine down. Keep a positive mindset and encourage yourself!

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