What Are PPC and CPC?

PPC and CPCIf you are researching advertising or digital marketing services, you will likely come across the terms PPC and CPC. And if you aren’t familiar with these acronyms, understanding agency services can be confusing.

Don’t fret – keep on reading to learn more about PPC and CPC, and how they work together in paid marketing.

What Does PPC Stand For?

PPC stands for pay per click, which is a term that is used to define paid online advertising through platforms such as Google, Bing, or Facebook ads, since you are billed from anyone who clicks on your ad.

If you use Google, you will see these pay-per-click ads at the top of the search page with a small “Ad” next to them:

For example, this ad was created and is controlled through the Google Ads interface.

What Does CPC Stand For?

CPC is an acronym for cost per click, which is a metric used in pay-per-click advertising that shows how much you pay per click on the keywords you are bidding on. This can help you assess your paid advertising campaign to make strategic adjustments to your bidding strategy.

Most ad platforms such as Google Ads have areas in their interface that will tell you the average CPC for your campaigns, or it can also be self-calculated from dividing your total spend by the amount of clicks you received.

Learn More About PPC and CPC

As a marketing agency with vast experience in paid advertising, we’ve written various blog posts covering different aspects of PPC to help you learn more:

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