What Are Local Services Ads?

local services adsUpdated May 30, 2023

As we have talked about numerous times on our blog, local search has been all the rage since 2019, and one aspect we have heard many local marketing experts talk about recently is local services ads.

Keep on reading to find out about this paid search feature and how you can join in on the fun.

The Basics of Local Services Ads

To help consumers find certified pros near them and expedite their searches, Google has rolled out local services ads (LSAs) for select industries and locations.

As a local service provider, you will be able to get more leads from consumers clicking your ad who want to send a message or place a call to your business. You’ll then be notified through the local services ads app, and from there it’s up to you to turn the lead into a customer!

LSA example

Based on a user’s search, three boxes like those above will appear listing businesses Google believes matches what they are looking for. You will then be able to contact the business through a call or message.

And if you were to click on the “more plumbers” link in this example, you would be taken to this page, where you can click on businesses to learn more:

LSA example

Benefits of Local Service Ads

As Google states, you should think about using local services ads because:

  • Your ads will be at the top of the search results page, helping you connect with those who are interested in services you offer
  • Once you get started with the easy tools to create your personalized profile, you can then download the app to connect with customers more quickly
  • Once your business is verified, customers will be able to trust you with Google Guarantee or Google Screened icons
  • You will only need to pay for leads that pertain to your company’s services

But before you get too excited…

Check Your Eligibility

If you go to the local services homepage, and click on the “get started” button, you can fill out a form with your information and see if you are eligible for local services ads.

Types of Businesses That Can Apply

Google recently expanded to allow over 70 different types of businesses apply for local service ads, including:

  • Education
  • People care
  • Pet care
  • Wellness
  • Dentists
  • Home services
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Real estate

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