2023 Website Maintenance Checklist

website maintenance checklistAre you looking for a guide to regular maintenance on your website? Bookmark this blog post for future reference so you know what things to check!

20+ Things to Check on Your Website for SEO

1-3 – Content

  • Do all of your pages have at least 250 words on them?
  • When was the last time you updated your key pages?
    • Ex: homepage, service pages, products
  • Do your pages all have a key intent, like educating or promoting?

4-7 – Headers

  • Are there H1s and H2s on all of your pages?
  • Do any of your pages have duplicated headers?
  • Is the H1 above all H2s on your pages?
  • Are you also using H3s or H4s?

8-10 – Interlinks

  • Have you added new links to recently uploaded content?
  • Does the new content you added include links to key pages on the site?
  • Are there opportunities to link out to older pages to help build the new page’s strength?

11-12 – Metadata

  • Do all of your pages have meta titles?
    • Ex: Blog Post Title | Company Name
  • Do your pages also have unique meta descriptions?

13-15 – Broken Links

  • Have you recently deleted pages from your site, or performed redirects?
  • Do you have old blog posts that could possibly link out to pages that no longer exist?
  • Are there any broken image files on older pages?

16-17 – Dates

  • Have you refreshed any date-specific content for the new year?
    • Ex: 10 Events to Attend in 2019 -> 10 Events to Attend in 2023
  • Have you updated the year in your footer?

18-19 – Formatting

  • Is all the copy on your pages formatted correctly in terms of bullets, photos, and spacing?
  • Does your site respond correctly in mobile? Do things stack? Is there an overlapping of text?

20-22 – Accessibility and Usability

  • Have you added alt and title tags to photos on your site?
  • Is the navigation easy to use? Does it work on mobile?
  • Are pages easy to read by way of color contrast and use of white space?

Why Website Maintenance Is Important for SEO

Keeping a healthy website has always been an important part of SEO. Google values websites that are being taken care, just as they should! It shows them that webmasters are doing good work and putting effort into making sure sites are performing their best for users.

Tools You Can Use to Monitor Website Maintenance

Our checklist can be pretty hard to keep up with on your own, which is why it might be good to invest in one of these resources to do the legwork for you:

More Tips to Keep Your Site Healthy

Want some more ideas on what you can do to improve your website? Here are a few blogs you might find relevant:

And if you are looking to pair up with an experienced web agency to help maintain your WordPress website, Shopify, and more, be sure to reach out.

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