7 Ways to Enhance Your PPC Landing Pages

enhance landing pagesThe information on your pay-per-click landing page is vastly important for conversions, so you always want to make sure your content is optimized correctly to encourage visitors to become customers. Here are a few ways you can enhance your paid landing pages.

Put the Important Aspects Above the Fold

Much like a newspaper has its top breaking story above the fold on the cover, your site should as well! So make sure you have the following elements before the page gets cut off by the virtual “fold” (in other words, before the browser cuts the screen off):

  • Web form
  • An H1 headline
  • Intro paragraph
  • Your logo
  • Phone number
  • Photo or video

Make Phone Numbers Clickable

Mobile search is more popular than ever, and that is likely not going to change anytime soon. So when you have your phone number listed on your page, you will want to make sure it is clickable to allow users to reach out and place a call. To do so, you or your web developer can add a bit of code around the number through the source code on the page like so: <a href=”tel:+14442226666″>444-222-6666</a>

Get Rid of Distraction

What is the goal of your landing page? Most likely, you want visitors to call you or submit a form through the page. Because of this, you will want to remove any distracting elements that might make someone want to leave the page. Aspects like navigation menus, internal links, and more all allow users to easily navigate to other pages on your website. But when you use a platform like Unbounce, you can create landing pages that operate separately from your website, and it’s usually a good idea to drive users to contact you via a form vs. directing them elsewhere. So ultimately, you won’t need to overhaul your site with a makeover to enhance user experience. You’ll just likely need to make some tweaks.

Use More Graphics

Much like with the cover of a book, you want to visually appeal to users who land on your webpage. Make sure you are breaking up blocks of copy with graphics like photos, videos, and icons to help add some flare. Plus, graphics are a great way to help get your message across without having a vast amount of copy, something that can be detrimental to a landing page. If you are in need of some free photos and icons to use, check out Pixabay.

Keep It to the Point

You don’t want to overload customers with information, as it could lead them to getting overwhelmed by all of your copy. Keep the topic of your page’s copy to the point, and make sure that you have different landing pages dedicated to your different offerings, services, or products. Secret insider tip: Having more focused landing pages can also increase your quality score in Google Ads!

Add Color, but Don’t Stray Off Brand

To piggyback off of the notion of adding more visual appeal to your page, don’t be scared to try out different color variations on your pages to see what converts the best. Easy things you can change include:

  • Headers
  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • Backgrounds

One thing you can try is mixing in a third color as a complement to whatever the two main colors of your brand are. Check out this free tool from Canva or this article on color theory that can both help you find the best colors to add in.

Increase Your Site Speed

Before we dive in, it’s good to know that this task can get pretty technical and may require skills you as a marketer or business owner may not have, so some of the aspects in this section might be out of your control. But if you use the Google PageSpeed Insight test, you are able to get some valuable information on things you can do to make your page load quicker. Page speed is important because if your landing page takes too long to load, the user may think your site is down, and give up. The majority of things this test will grade you on are highly technical, but one of the things it may tell you to do is to decrease photo size and change your image format. Both of these aspects can quickly be done using software such as Photoshop.

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