A Guide to Spam Submissions in Google My Business

spam Google My BusinessIn 2019, local SEO was a huge focus for our marketing agency.

And according to various industry experts, the importance of local SEO is not going away anytime soon. One of the biggest topics as of late has been spam submissions on Google Maps.

With keyword stuffing in titles, duplicate listings, and businesses that just flat-out do not exist, there are various spammy aspects you can find in Google My Business.

By reporting these aspects to Google as spam submissions, you can help improve your own local presence. Keep on reading to learn the three best methods to do it.

Method 1: Suggest an Edit (Change Name or Other Details)

When you are viewing listings on Google Maps, or viewing a GMB listing in search, you will see there is a button to “suggest an edit”:


Once you click on that button, you are prompted to select between two options, and in this case you are going to choose the first one:


This is an easy way to suggest name changes (often in regard to keywords), changing the business category, and so forth. Google does not permit businesses to stuff keywords into their names that aren’t in their official business names.

For instance, to follow this rule, Sixth City Marketing could not call itself “Sixth City Cleveland SEO” to try to game the system. Any businesses that do so are subject to getting a spam submission.

Mind you, these edits have the ability to get passed through the owner of the GMB profile first, so anything you suggest could be denied.

Method 2: Suggest an Edit (Remove This Place)

This option is for duplicate listings, businesses that are permanently closed, spam, nonexistent companies, and more. You will see this option in the same area you see the option mentioned above. Here are your choices:


Usually, since these changes are a little bit more advanced, they are normally pushed to Google to review. However, we have found that with listings that are unclaimed, suggestions more often than not will get published right away.

The Best Parts About Editing Suggestions

Not only do your edits get published right away in many cases, but you are also emailed on the changes you made immediately after.

Then, in your Google account, you can navigate in Google Maps to see your contributions and edits, which helps you see which of your suggestions have been denied:   spam

Method 3: Google’s Redressal Form

As a last resort in getting rid of spam on Google Maps/Google My Business, you can send details of your request through this handy form.

This is a great method because not only is the form getting directly in front of the eyes of someone who works at Google, but you have the option to explain what this business is doing wrong, and can show proof, too.

Sadly, unlike the first two methods, you are not contacted about the status of your request and cannot track your changes and submissions.

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