Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2020

With 2020 fast approaching, giving your website a fresh new look may be top of mind. Check out some popular design elements expected to take over in the new year.

Clean Design

The trend in design lately has been heavily geared toward going back to basics, preferring a simpler, minimalistic design. Not only can simple design enhance usability, but it can also make your calls to action stand out even more. Take a few notes from these popular brands.

web design trends 2020

One of the easiest ways to move toward a cleaner design is using a simpler color palette, favoring neutrals with a strategic pop of color for buttons, links, and headers. These changes will help to make a uniform theme across your website. The best part about using a clean design is that your website will look fresh and new for the coming decade, and it gives you a good starting place to later modify it to fit whichever new trends come along the way.

Enhanced Visuals

If pictures speak louder than words, it must mean that enhanced visuals such as animations, GIFs, and similar illustrations all can tell a complete and compelling story, right? To help showcase products and capture the audience’s attention, don’t be surprised to see more animation front and center on various websites in the coming months.   adidas


Not only is animation a great move for key pages such as your homepage, but it is also ideal for displaying products on your ecommerce site.



Voice User Interface

From Alexa on Amazon to Siri on Apple devices, audio interfaces are changing the way we search on the web. What some companies are already doing is adjusting their content to be voice search optimized. This feature makes websites entirely interactive and easy to use. Definitely something to keep in mind in the coming year.

Simple Fonts

Gone are the days of using custom and intricate fonts on your website. And although having a uniform typography with your brand is important, one should note that usability needs to be at the forefront when designing a new website! It’s advisable to stay away common fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman, so here are some of the anticipated top fonts for the new year you should look into, according to Creative Boom:

  • Aeonik
  • Beatrice Display
  • Gilroy
  • Helvetica Now
  • NewsSans
  • Untitled San

Mobile Accessibility

For the past few years, having a mobile-friendly site has not only been important for website design and usability, but SEO as well. However, as mobile design has increased, so has the need for a more inclusive design – this is where “thumb friendliness” comes in. mobile


As most mobile device users hold their phone with their dominant hand, and use their thumb to navigate through content, keeping content within the boundaries that are reachable with the thumb is more important than one may think. Reworking aspects of your mobile site to account for this can be vital to getting the clicks you want.

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