Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget with Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing for Small BusinessesMost businesses, and especially those on the smaller side, tend to be very cost-conscious when it comes to their marketing efforts. In the world of digital marketing, that is good news because a little bit can go a long way in making the impact you’ve been waiting for.

With digital marketing, there are a variety of tactics you can use to boost your business, from SEO to social media to video to email marketing, and more. Below, we’ve listed essential marketing tips for small businesses that we encourage you to utilize so that you can reap the maximum rewards.

Build a Community

One of the best ways for your audience to find, learn about, and keep updated on your business is through social media platforms. Therefore, it is important to utilize social media platforms and have a strong presence on all that you use. The more that you interact on the platforms, the more users will be brought to your company’s profile and ultimately your site.

Let’s take a look at utilizing social platforms to boost your small business internet marketing efforts.


Facebook is a great way to reach an immense audience of consumers, since Facebook is the largest social media platform. Content on Facebook can range in style, and depending on your industry, you may choose to construct serious or light-hearted content.

When looking to advertise on Facebook, you will be provided with many options on how to segment your audience appropriately. Your audience can be as narrow or as broad as you would like, so it’s probably worth experimenting.


Having a presence on LinkedIn is important because the content produced on that site tends to be more professional in nature, giving you the opportunity to draw in business owners and decision-makers.

Once your profile is well constructed, you can choose to run various advertisement campaigns or send out content that is linked to your website. No matter which route you choose, you will be sure to increase user attraction to your site and develop high name recognition.

Considering the professional nature of the site, this platform probably necessitates the most “airtight” profile and updates, so make sure anything you share is relevant and free of spelling and grammar issues.


Twitter is a platform that is best suited for short updates and news headlines. Since you are limited to a small number of characters per tweet, you want to make sure that your message gets right to the point and intrigues the reader enough so that they want to learn more.

Utilizing hashtags can also be a worthwhile choice since industry-specific hashtags could help people find your business in the future during a search, and trending hashtags, as long as they are relevant, could net you some significant traffic.


Think visual when you create an Instagram account. Since this website is mainly for picture sharing, make sure to strategize about some interesting content that is related to your field and that would make consumers become more interested in your line of work.

Aside from posting pictures, this platform also offers the tool Instagram Live. This feature allows for you to record yourself in real time so that whoever follows you may see it. On Instagram Live, viewers have the option to leave comments where they can ask questions and you may respond to them in that moment.

Take Advantage of Customer Reviews

One of the biggest ways to make a tight budget work for you in the world of digital marketing is by encouraging reviews from your customers.

Reviews written by customers help to showcase the strength of your products and services and illustrate your expertise. Prospective customers who visit your site can get a good grasp of the quality of what you produce.

Best yet, customer reviews are totally free! If you have a good working relationship with various customers, be sure to ask them in person or through email if they’d mind writing a review. Most will be happy to!

Optimize Your Site

There are many ways to optimize your site and track how well you are doing. Let’s look at some key optimization tactics:

Produce Site Content

Content that you post should be relevant. When constructing your site, the main pages should present easy to understand information on what your company is and what it offers. Let readers know how they can benefit from your product or service and what differentiates you from others.

For other pages that are not as crucial to your site’s overall standing, make sure the content is relevant to your industry in some way. That way the user will begin to see you as an authority and will hopefully keep returning.

A great example of this is the incorporation of a blog on your website. With blogs, you have the ability to come up with your own content and demonstrate your company’s knowledge about and expertise within your industry. And it always helps to internally link to your company in these posts to help facilitate easy navigation for users and increase the likelihood of gaining sales.

You should also be sure to add metadata for any pages you upload, which includes meta titles, meta descriptions, and tags for any pictures. This information helps search engines understand what is on a given page, which in turn can help customers to find you.

Post Videos

Producing videos, even if the videos are short, is another great way to craft content for your site. Video demonstrations and introductions of products and services allow consumers to better understand all you can offer, and lets them see first-hand what they could gain from your company.

You would need a camera, of course, but there are several free video editing software options out there to help you compile everything. If you find video to be an especially useful tool for your business, you could then graduate on to more advanced editing programs like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

Implement Keywords

One of the biggest ways to increase your digital SEO rankings is through the incorporation of keywords.

A digital marketing agency can help you to identify essential keywords that those in your audience are utilizing, then incorporate those keywords into structured, strategic copy. With these keywords in place, you can begin to improve your site rankings on search engines like Google and garner more business.

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