8+ Digital Marketing Strategies for Assisted Living

assisted living seo digital marketingMarketing for assisted living facilities can be tricky as trends in SEO are always changing, but these great strategy methods are timeless and can help your facility improve its search rank.

Be sure to keep on reading to see which assisted living marketing ideas would suit your community best!

1. Take Advantage of Local Keywords

If your assisted living facility is a franchise of a larger collective of retirement home communities, it’s important to have local keywords be a main focus of your strategy.

Writing content, utilizing social media, engaging in link building, and finding ways to make sure your website is connected to keywords like “assisted living facilities in ___” or “55+ communities ____” is essential. Otherwise, you will be missing out on having your pages rank for those terms that your ideal customers are searching for.

2. Use Google My Business Effectively

If you haven’t already claimed your local Google listing then you are missing out on a range of marketing for assisted living opportunities!

In your Google My Business profile, you can add photos of your facilities for customers to see, add in your operating hours, give a brief introduction of your community, and much more.

One of the best parts about Google My Business is the ability to create posts, which essentially allows you to use Google as a social media platform, giving your audience information on events, industry news, and more. The posts expire after three days, so continuously posting new updates every other day is a great strategy that anyone can do.

Google my Business Google my Business

3. Focus on Optimizing Individual Service Pages

Just like we have service pages that highlight our individual offerings, it’s important that when you are doing marketing for assisted living facilities you also have dedicated pages presenting everything the community can provide.

Assisted living, hospice, independent living, and other common living options and services are great opportunities for writing unique content with local keywords incorporated to help your pages rank in a given area.

4. Write Unique Blog Posts for Your Audience

While having pages dedicated to your various services and amenities is important, it is also a good idea to incorporate a blog into your assisted living SEO efforts! Supplement your content with different types of blog posts that people visiting your website would find helpful.

These posts can include activities your residents can do in the area, wellness tips and advice, retirement insights, and more. Posts like these also make for great “shareable” content, meaning they are pages more likely to be shared on social media by others. This will help you get your brand, and your community, in front of more potential customers!

5. Be Sure to Connect with Local Businesses

A great way to build quality backlinks to your website is by connecting with other local businesses. Not only will this help your residents at your community get to know places worth going to in the area, but referral links from other websites are valuable in SEO.

Try reaching out to local businesses to see if they are interested in collaborating on some events, forming a partnership, engaging in a Q&A, or any other ideas you have.

6. Cover All Your Bases with Local Citations

If you don’t already know what local citations are, they’re any listing on the web that includes your business name, address, phone, and website. And the more proactive you are in making sure your information is correct across the web, the more accurate online data will be, which can even affect your search engine rank.

Some examples of important local citation sites to make sure are up to date include Google, Facebook, MapQuest, Yelp, and the Yellow Pages, along with many more.

7. Facebook Is Your Friend

As the senior population continues to grow on Facebook, it’s a great idea to incorporate the platform into your strategy if you haven’t already. And we don’t just mean actively posting on your page – Facebook’s paid advertising would get your information in front of your ideal audience while they are scrolling on their favorite social media too. You can check out our webinar on paid Facebook basics on our blog.

8. Make Landing Pages User-Friendly and Concise

As part of your pay-per-click campaign, you should be driving ads to unique landing pages that give quick and clear details about your community. Including community photos, testimonials, and key features are great pieces of information that users will need to help them make a decision when choosing their next home

And it’s best to always make sure there is an easy way for them to contact you, either by phone or via online form, so they can request information or ask any additional questions. If a page is too difficult for seniors to navigate, they could simply go somewhere else.

Bonus Assisted Living Marketing Tip: Expand Your Area

If your assisted living digital marketing campaign is in need of a boost, try expanding your targeting! While your community might be located in “X” city, targeting other communities, major cities, or counties can give you a broader reach when it comes to people finding you online.

This could either be through including more areas into your PPC campaign, or by writing new content targeting surrounding areas so seniors who may not know about your community can find you.

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