PPC Quick Wins: What to do When Performance Is Down

PPC quick winsWhen your PPC performance is down in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), do you know the next steps to take?

Keep on reading to see what quick win actions you can do to get your campaign headed back in the right direction.

Spruce Up Ad Copy

The first thing you should take a look at is your ad copy. Are your using the right keywords? Do you have a strong call to action? Consider rewriting your ads with the customer’s POV in mind – what types of language would make you want to click on an ad if you were in their shoes?

Reevaluate Your Landing Page

When was the last time you updated your landing page? Try a different layout, or move the contact form higher, or even add in additional photos showing off your products or services.

Examine Your Targeting

It’s hard to get your targeting down to a science, but you never will know if being very broad or very exact will work in your campaign until you try it.

Is your target too small? Consider expanding to more locations beyond your current scope. Maybe it’s too broad, though. If so, consider adding age and financial qualifying information within Google Ads to ensure your ads get in front of your ideal customers.

Do Some Keyword Research

There are tons of great tools like SpyFu that allow you to see what your competitors are doing on their PPC campaigns, all of which makes doing competitor research easier. Don’t rule our Google’s built in ad tools as well to help give your campaign the boost it needs.

Incorporate Ad Extensions

There are many different types of ad extensions you can apply to your campaign. Examples include adding the ability to directly call/text, having visible sitelinks, using reviews, and taking advantage of callouts. Having this extra information in your ad makes you look more presentable to potential customers.

Try A/B Testing

A/B testing is also a great way to see which campaign is doing the best, so try different variations of landing pages or your most popular copy but with different keywords. Sometimes switching up the ingredients can make the perfect batch of ads.

Take a Look at Negative Keywords

Did you know you can exclude search terms that people are using to find your ads that aren’t relevant to your campaign? This can help decrease the number of useless clicks you are getting that are eating away at your spend. See our “Drive Paid Search Leads” post below for details.

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