The Rise of Voice Search and How to Adjust for SEO

Marketing for Voice SearchAs time progresses, the interest in digital assistants and voice search is rapidly increasing. With the help of two of the most recognized names in the technological world, Alexa and Siri, life has gotten a little bit easier for consumers.

Many tech companies, like Apple and Amazon, are capitalizing on the idea of help from artificial intelligence. In fact, according to a report from Amazon, tens of millions of consumers have purchased an Alexa-incorporated product.

With the increased interest, Amazon has capitalized by expanding their line of Alexa technology like the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Pulse. During the Black Friday weekend of 2018, for instance, an estimated one million-plus Alexa-enabled products were sold. The Echo Dot was lowered to a mere $30, the lowest the product has ever been offered at.

Just from those numbers alone, it is safe to assume that a large majority of our population has access to a digital assistant, which puts the pressure on companies to adjust to this change and market themselves appropriately. Enter voice search marketing.

What Does This Mean for My Business?

With the rise in this new technology, it is crucial that your business learns to adapt. Let’s look at a couple stats:

  • According to research conducted by BrightLocal, the three most-used voice searches are for when consumers want to find restaurants, grocery stores, and food delivery services. The other leading searches so far are for clothing, accommodations and medicine.
  • On average, an estimated 46% of voice search users rely on the technology daily to find local businesses and carry out their daily activities. Although the software is still in its infancy, we can expect both this number and the number of total daily users to increase well into the future.

To take advantage of the trend, it is key to make sure that your company’s website utilizes keyword-rich and targeted metadata to help your content show up in a voice SEO search. Ranking on Google depends on relevance, prominence, and proximity, so it will be beneficial to check your regular search engine optimization factors.

Be sure to keep watch on competitors so that you can ensure your results are what consumers see first. Create content that is the most relevant to your target audience’s needs and tailor your listing detail to be as specific as possible so that people can easily search for your company.

What Should I Do to Improve My Voice Search Marketing?

To increase your chances for appearing in voice searches, consider the following steps for voice search SEO:

Research Keywords

Perhaps one of the most crucial steps when conducting your website’s SEO is that of researching relevant keywords that consumers are using. But voice search goes beyond simple terms like product brand names or product types.

To have a better chance of appearing in your customers’ voice searches, craft some content around specific questions likely to be asked, utilizing those questions themselves as keywords. Some examples:

  • What are the best restaurants in ________?
  • Where can I find shoe stores in __________?
  • What are some popular places in ________?

Restructure Site and Content

For this step, consider putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer. By doing this, you’ll be able to raise the questions that your consumers may have when navigating your site’s content. Based on the questions and concerns you may develop, you can then make adjustments to your site.

A clean, functional site that focuses on a positive user experience is one that is more likely to be valued by Google, leading to more appearances in voice SEO searches.

Implement Google Actions

Another feature in voice search content is the ability to make your content more accessible for devices like Google Actions and Amazon’s Alexa Skills. Through the software you are able to expand the capabilities of Actions or Alexa when interacting with the content on your site.

Consumers, in turn, are able to have a back-and-forth conversation with the content making it more valuable in the eyes of voice search.

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