When Is the Last Time You Had Your Website Evaluated?

website evaluationHaving a strong online presence is becoming more and more imperative, especially for companies, as in the last couple decades the internet has become increasingly intertwined with our daily lives.

When looking at your site and engaging in website evaluation, it may be hard to gauge which information is useful and which is not. Though you may know your industry inside and out, some customers might have little to no experience in your industry, so it is important to be straightforward and concise so that you can effectively get your point across.

But there are many other factors that must go into creating a great and useful website, and having an SEO audit and a website SEO analysis can be critical. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The design and appearance of your site are huge factors that determine whether a user wants to stay on your site or not. The average person will judge a site based on its appearance within a matter of seconds.
  • SEO, or search engine optimization, helps to promote a site and its given pages to ensure that the right audience is being reached. An effective SEO audit can identify where your site is lacking and ways you could boost your efforts.
  • One of the most useful ways to perform a website evaluation and measure how well your online presence is doing is through analytics platforms that collect data like your reach, traffic, lead conversions and more. SEO experts are adept at reading and interpreting these analytics and determining ways to achieve your goals.

How Sixth City Can Help

At Sixth City Marketing, we offer our own free strategy sessions. These web evaluation sessions include:

  • A review of your website’s analytics
  • Search engine optimization key terms
  • Recommendations on improvements for quick win impact

If you are interested in learning about how your site could improve, sign up and receive your free strategy session today. We’re ready to help!

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