Bing Introduces New User Behavior Tool

Bing Introduces Clarity

Meet Clarity, the new user behavior tool introduced by Bing. Designed to help improve consumer interaction upon any given website, this tool is making headlines for its benefits for companies, marketers, and web designers.

What Is Clarity?

Clarity is a tool designed to trace the interactions that a consumer makes on any given website. It is able to trace the mouse movements that a consumer makes and provide heat maps of where they spend the most time on a site.

It also gives specific feedback on where consumers clicked and scrolled so that those overseeing the website will be able to know what is working and what isn’t, as well as where to make improvements.

This website user tracking tool is proving itself to be greatly beneficial to any marketing campaign. By having a Bing Analytics tool that tracks the exact interactions that a consumer makes on a website, marketers are better able to improve upon their websites by catering to the needs and interests of consumers.

Clarity is able to do all of this and more. The user tracking tool groups consumer sessions based on similar movements. From this, marketers are able to see just how important a feature on a site may be versus those that need tweaked or removed.

The heat maps resemble that of a weather tracker that one might see on the news. The areas that are a deep and dark red demonstrate where consumers spent a majority of their time. The orange and green areas represent areas that consumers may have looked but did not become that involved in.

The Benefits of Clarity

Clarity offers a variety of benefits to both consumers and companies. For companies, it is useful to track consumers’ interactions because this helps businesses to create a website that is optimally user-friendly and engaging.

For consumers, having access to more websites that are user-friendly makes for a better online search experience, making shopping and retrieval of information simple.

One of the biggest benefits that is associated with Clarity, though, is its ability to detect malware on any site. Engineers at Microsoft tested out the feature firsthand and found surprising results.

Upon conducting an organic search on the Bing search engine, engineers noted the amount of advertisements and malware that clogged the specific search page. After installing Clarity, the malware was detected and removed.

This feature is just another reason why Clarity has the ability to greatly improve online search for both companies and users.


Can I Use It?

To implement Clarity on your site, you must first install a small amount of JavaScript on your site. Once the script is installed, Clarity can be implemented. Additionally, the Bing web analytics tool works on any HTML webpage, whether desktop or mobile.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, be sure to create a Microsoft account and then fill out all of the questions on the Clarity website.

Once you create a new project, it will be added to a wait list and you will receive a notification when your project is approved. After this you will be prompted to install the script from Java, and then you will have full access to replay user sessions!

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