Bing Now Granting Access to LinkedIn Category Data

LinkedIn for marketing

In 2016, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn, and ever since many marketers believed it would only be a matter of time before LinkedIn began to play a bigger role in its parent company’s marketing offerings.

Now, Microsoft has announced that some of LinkedIn’s targeting data will be available to marketers who utilize the Bing Ads platform.

Some key points on the development:

  • Initially, the company is offering bid-only targeting, with exclusions coming at a later date
  • Text ads, shopping, and all Bing search products in the U.S. will be included in the change
  • The categories via LinkedIn that will be available to advertisers include company, job function, and industry, allowing for increased precision in targeting
  • With LinkedIn’s 575 million global members, this new data access is a veritable treasure trove for marketers

This is a very intriguing development and it could result in Bing Ads becoming more competitive with Google in the future. We highly recommend utilizing these new tools if you currently use the Bing Ads platform.

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