Google Analytics Configuration for HTTPS – What You Need to Know

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As site security has been a major and ongoing topic for 2018, it’s important to be aware of how security changes affect your Google Analytics profile. In order to have your data filter properly once you switch to HTTPS, there are two vital changes that you need to make in your settings.

Many people are unaware of a crucial step in switching their Analytics profile over to HTTPS, so read on to ensure you have everything covered.

Changing the Default URL

The first thing you will want to do is navigate to Property Settings in Analytics.

Go to the side navigation –> Admin –> Property Settings (located in the 2nd column).

From there, you just need to change the HTTP to HTTPS under the section Default URL, as seen below:


Changing the Website’s URL

Here comes the part many miss. What you’ll want to do next is go back to the admin page and select View Settings at the top of the third column.


Once in the View Settings area, you’ll need to make the same change you made in Property Settings, but for the website’s URL:


After these steps, you’ll be all set!

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