How Brands Can Benefit from “Insights,” Snapchat’s Newest Analytics Tool

snapchat analytics

When it comes to creative ways to help market your business and get your name out there, Snapchat is a terrific social media app to turn to and utilize to its full potential.

And recently, Snapchat released a brand-new update that can help you get more detail on how the platform is working for your company. Keep on reading to learn all about the analytics tool Insights, what it tracks, how it can benefit your business, and more!

snapchat analytics
Source: Snapchat

What Is Insights?

Insights is a tool accessible to users who are “Official Stories” or “creators” who have gained a large following on Snapchat.

Here are the different metrics it covers:

  • Number of story views
  • Time spent viewing stories
  • Weekly reach
  • Story view percentage
  • Additional statistics on the types of followers you have, such as:
    • Audience demographics (age, gender)
    • Lifestyle (politics, music, and more)
    • Regional information

4 Ways It Can Benefit Your Brand’s Marketing Efforts

1. Helps you discover which days and times you get the most reach

It’s a metric that everyone wants to know in the social media marketing world – when is the best time to post content?
With Insights, you get to see when your stories are the most viewed, which can then help you to craft a better strategy
and schedule for posting.
snapchat analytics

2. Lets you determine your audience’s interests

From time to time, it’s good to mix up your content with posts that are a little different, moving beyond whatever your product or industry is explicitly focused on.

Seeing what topics your core audience is invested in will give you new content ideas and topics to help you branch out. And thanks to the analytics, you can see if your new posts resonate with your audience as well!

3. Helps you tell if your story is too long

One of the difficult things about Snapchat is that it’s sometimes pretty easy to go overboard. One of the features in Insights is a tool that lets you know if your audience watched your complete story.

If you find that the number is low, it might indicate that the stories you are posting are too long and are losing the attention of your viewers.

4. Provides you with simpler ad targeting

Any marketer knows that targeting your ads on Google, Facebook, and similar platforms based off of location can be a hit or miss. By seeing the major regions your audience originates from, it can help you determine how best to approach your marketing efforts.

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