Have You Heard About Hawk, Google’s Newest Local Algorithm?

Google’s New Algorithm Just Swooped in to Change Filtering Local Search Results

Google Hawk Algorithm

Have you noticed a few changes on your business’ local Google listing? Well, the search engine’s newest update, which Search Engine Land has named “Hawk,” has made some slight adjustments to the features of the previous update.

If you weren’t aware, Google was previously filtering out search results for similar businesses that were in close proximity to each other. So, say you and a competitor were in the same building, or even down the street from each other—Google would pick whichever business they deemed better, and disregarded the other from search results. A little unfair, wouldn’t you say?

In late August, Google finally decided to fix this issue in part by not filtering out as many businesses close to each other. However, if you and one of your competitors are in the same building (and share the same central address), you could still be out of luck.

How to Check to See If This Update Affects Your Business

The easiest way to check and see if this new update has affected you is by looking into your search rankings for keywords you are targeting.


The above photo shows an example from Joy Hawkins. She noticed the change while checking daily rankings, since one of her profiles that she knew was being filtered out due to Google’s prior update was now suddenly up.

She also decided to check some other clients’ search ranking results by doing a simple Google search, and noticed one of her other filtered clients had suddenly appeared back in results.

Go ahead and check out these features for yourself and see if it’s had any impact on your business. We’ll keep you updated with any new information that emerges.

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