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Are you in the online marketing industry and are looking for great people to follow on social media and learn more about?

Check out these five awesome internet marketing rock stars!

Chris Smith – Lead Singer

Source: Instagram

Chris’ “Rockstar” Quote

“I always bring my ‘A’ game, but it’s really the audience and their energy and questions that make it a one-of-a-kind event.”

– Chris Smith,

The name Chris Smith doesn’t just sound like a rock singer name, it is—because Chris is truly a “vocal artist” of internet marketing.

Chris is the co-founder of Curaytor and author of the USA Today bestselling book, Conversion Code, which discusses solid tactics on lead generation, sales and online marketing. Chris is also a keynote speaker on Facebook Ads and Inside Sales.

He attended Florida State University, and after years of building up his resume, he co-founded Curaytor in 2013 and has been flourishing since.

If you haven’t been able to attend one of his speaking events, you should check out his podcast series called Calls with Chris, which you can find on iTunes. Be sure to follow him on Twitter on his handle @Chris_Smth to stay up to date on his podcast releases and much more.

Rand Fishkin – Bass


Rand’s “Rockstar” Quote

“Likelihood of earning an influencer’s amplification = relevance of your work to their audience.”

– Rand Fishkin, Twitter

A bassist is the level-headed, yet pragmatic guy that makes a great friend. That guy is Rand Fishkin.

If you are in the internet marketing world, you’ve probably heard of Moz. Well, Rand is the founder of the company and is still a lead author on the site, and is also known as the “Wizard of Moz.”

He dropped out of the University of Washington, Seattle to start Moz and has since become an SEO, digital marketing, and tech guru. You may know him for his contributions to Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, which is a regular feature of their blog.

On Whiteboard Friday, Fishkin, along with other Moz authors, presents blog posts and videos regarding the tech and marketing industry, incorporating pictures of whiteboard visuals about a given topic.

Not only does his expertise in the industry create a huge reason to follow him, he’s an all-around cool dude, which is why he’s our internet marketing boy band’s bassist. Follow him on Twitter: @randfish.

Glenn Gabe – Lead Guitar


Glenn’s “Rockstar” Quote

“More custom audience targeting… More Targeting Power.”

– Glenn Gabe, Twitter

The lead guitarist always likes to come in for that big featured guitar solo in the middle of the tune. Those brief moments of awesomeness in a song are like the brief, digestible social posts which Glenn Gabe is the master of.

The social media expert of the group who holds over 22 years of experience in digital marketing, Glenn is known for providing tremendous insight via his social media accounts.

Not only does he dominate social media, but he is also a writer for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch. His articles and posts are known for their straightforward commentary along with their expert breakdowns of the topic at hand—which can also be seen on his own personal blog, The Internet Marketing Driver.

So, if you want to stay up to date with everything happening in SEO, SEM, and social advertising, give him a follow on his Twitter: @glenngabe

John Mueller – Keyboard

Source: Google +

John’s “Rockstar” Quote

“Ideally, keep things simple and direct between the origin and final destination.”

– John Mueller, Hill Web Marketing

Anyone in the digital marketing industry knows how important Google is, not only in rankings but as a factor in influencing trends as well. Well, John Mueller is a Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google, and therefore has a real impact on all of the keys across the board.

And like you would expect from any Google employee, his Google+ account is stocked full of insightful posts about webmaster tools, useful search engine advice and help, and much more.

Follow him on Twitter at his handle @JohnMu to see the latest news and emerging trends.

Tim Ash – Drums

Source: Twitter

Tim’s “Rockstar” Quote

“Unconscious backgrounds frame the foreground experience.”

– Tim Ash, Twitter

One of the most underrated parts of a band is the drummer, and much like the drummer, web design is often an overlooked component of effective internet marketing, and Tim is an expert in conversion through web design.

As the CEO of SiteTuners, Tim has made a big impact in the digital marketing world for all kinds of companies including Facebook, Google, Cannon and Sony Music. He is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker on website conversion rate optimization. Along with this, Tim is an author of the book Landing Page Optimization, and has made contributions as Chair of Digital Growth Unleashed.

Be sure to follow him on his Twitter @tim_ash if you want to stay updated on what events he will be attending, videos, and more.

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